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When my wife (then-fiancee) and I bought our house in the spring of 2007, we knew that it needed a little bit of work. It’s not like we could really afford a pristine new construction with no problems or necessary projects. But it fit into our budget, was in the neighborhood we were looking for, and seemed like it had lots of potential.

We have embarked on a few of those projects — mostly of the minor and inexpensive variety: stain the deck, paint the kitchen, buy new furniture, paint the living room. We embarked on one expensive project when we replaced all the windows last year. But that was pretty necessary with wind blowing in through closed windows, and heat escaping at a mile a minute.

I thought of this as we put up a few small Christmas decorations inside the house last weekend. Andrea and I wrapped some fake Christmas tree garland and white lights around the stairway railing, hung a new wreath on the door, and plan to hang lights on the front of the house this weekend (unless it’s 10 degrees).

Each time we moved on to a new decoration, I noticed something that needed fixing. The railing is half-broken, the door desperately needs to be replaced (the storm door is currently half a door), and the stucco is a little crumbly on the front of the house. But without the means to fix these things right now, we’ll just hang the decorations right over top and hope for the best.

At DDA, a full-service advertising and marketing agency, we would never do that (not even for holiday decorations). Given all of our experience in website development and design, we have learned that it doesn’t make much sense to perform fixer-upper jobs on what we consider “broken” websites. A successful website is more than just one that looks nice and has eye-catching colors. It has to have solid architecture, an intuitive and well-planned menu structure, strong content, and a clear focus. Oh, and it also has to look nice and have eye-catching colors.

That is where our in-house team of web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, animators, videographers, and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists helps set us apart. Instead of farming out pieces of the project to assorted companies, we can handle everything under one roof, which ensures that your new website will look, feel, and function the same from the front page to the “Contact Us” page (every site needs one). We work with you to find your true audience, develop a menu and structure that serves that audience, and then integrate it into an eye-catching design that makes you stand out from the crowd. And if you want animation, video, or search engine optimization, we do all that, too.

So if you want someone to slap twinkly Christmas lights, or a wreath of holly on your current site and call it a day, then you’ve come to the wrong place. At DDA, it may take a little longer than a haphazard fix-up job, but in the end, you’ll be left with a finished product that pays for itself many times over, and creates a true online identity for your business or organization.

Now…If only DDA could help me with a new front door … and a railing … and hardwood floors … and stucco … and a dining room table … and entire bathroom ………

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Entry by: Steve


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