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Get With the Programming

As I’ve mentioned before, we are in the late stages of a very in-depth programming website aimed at student athletes, scouts, coaches, and sports lovers. I obviously haven’t been around since the beginning of DDA, but from what I’m told, it is likely the most detailed and complex programming project we’ve ever tackled. And on a tight deadline no less!

The site allows athletes to basically brag about themselves, with academic information, sports statistics, and even highlight videos, in hopes of being discovered by a coach or scout and earning a ticket to college, or even the pros! There are four different ways to log in, and countless different pages and searchable fields, which makes the job of our programmers even more complex.

The programmers tackled the first few stages of the site in record time, and I only really saw the finished pages, forms, and fields. But now that we’re testing and proofing, I have created a few test profiles, done a few searches, and really gotten to see just how much the site has to offer. Today, after receiving a few small suggestions from the client, I actually sat down with Amy, our lead programmer, to go over them. As it turned out, it was much simpler to make the changes as I talked, and Amy whipped through her endless strings of code and 65 open browser windows to make the changes in record time.

Watching Amy fly through the pages of code — searching for this string, changing it, updating the page, modifying another sectio — made me appreciate just how complicated a programming project like this can be. Our clients (and possibly some DDA project coordinators…) have been known to say things like: “Can we just change that dropdown menu real quick?”, or “Can we just make another kind of user? That’s easy, right?”. I always knew it wasn’t that easy, but now I REALLY understand.

I’m sure it’s the same for many areas here at DDA. Some of the animators, videographers, or graphic designers may wonder how the (incredible) team of (good-looking) creative copywriters can churn out page after (amazing) page of (marvelous) search engine optimized (and captivating) content in such a short time. (We’re just good like that).

But at least we all speak English. Watching Amy and her programmers navigate all that code was like trying to read a novel written in Greek.

Although — I do know a little Greek. How? I went to the Greek island of Santorini for my honeymoon in April. I’ll prove it with a photo taken from my hotel room. Why? Because it’s cold outside, so this reminds me of warmth. (And I like making people jealous)


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Entry by: Steve


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