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Heating Up the Weekend

I’ve written a few blogs here and there that had to do with customer service issues I’ve encountered in recent months. Whether it was a surprisingly easy exchange for my broken HDTV, or our unique customer service approach here at DDA, I’ve always been one to notice just how businesses deal with customers — whether they are happy or unhappy.

Well, an unfortunate situation left me noticing it again over the holiday weekend. On Wednesday night, we noticed that our heat would not turn on. Fortunately, it wasn’t terribly cold outside, so I avoided calling for help on Thanksgiving, assuming I would get charged extra for the holiday service call, and made some calls Friday morning. The first company I tried — which was recommended highly by my aunt at Thanksgiving dinner, didn’t cover our area. The next one took my call and dispatched a very tired-looking technician later that afternoon.

After diagnosing the problem (broken blower motor) and driving 40 minutes away to get a replacement part, the very friendly and courteous repairman came back at 7 p.m., but was unable to remove the old fan blade with the tools he had. With three more service calls ahead of him, he asked if could come back the next morning, which he did, only to find me bundled up on the couch in about six layers of clothes (Andrea smartly went out with some friends).

After about an hour, he had everything up and running, and Abby promptly plopped down for a nap directly on top of one of the heating vents. He took his tools to the car and came back in with the bill. After a large gulp on my part, I signed the bill and handed over my credit card. But it was then that I noticed he had taken a seat beside me on our brand new couch.

Now, I am sure he was really tired, and he definitely deserved to sit down. But he was covered in grease and dirt, and the couch had been in my house for about 18 hours at that point. I bit my tongue, quickly signed the bill and thanked him, then went to work trying to wipe the dirt off the couch. It eventually came off, but not until after a mild Andrea panic attack, and a whole bunch of paper towels.

This may seem like a small thing, and it is. But he had seen us bringing in the new furniture the day before while he was there, so you would think he might notice it and stand for the few seconds it took me to sign the bill. It left a bad final impression on an otherwise positive experience with the company.

At DDA, we understand how important customer service is in every step of the process with our clients. That is why we have dedicated project coordinators who serve the client whenever necessary, and get questions answered and issues resolved right away. All of our programmers, graphic designers, videographers, search engine optimization specialists, animators, and copywriters, deal with clients whenever necessary, but we try to provide a seamless link between us and the client through our project coordinators. Whether your business is working on a new website development project, custom intranet portal, print project, video production, or any of our countless services, one of our project coordinators will be assigned to the project from the start. That gives you one outlet for all of your questions and feedback, and streamlines the entire process to make things faster and more efficient.

And even though we’re not usually greasy or dirty, we promise not to sit on your couch.

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Entry by: Steve


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