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Advertising in Lean Times

The mixed bag of reviews on the economy lately could leave even the brightest economist scratching their head. Although I’ve heard valid points among the upper echelon of financial analysts in the media, for me, I like to go by what I see first hand. People are shopping and, however particular, they are buying. People are taking vacations, some even are allowing themselves the reprieve of two vacations. Businesses were and continue to be weeded out, leaving only the strong to survive and thrive. Healthcare has become a little less affordable as company’s change their plans, but I’m hopeful that current efforts will make it more accessible for people with no coverage. The cost of gas this summer was about $1.50 to $2 cheaper than last. The prices of some homes around Bucks County have dropped in need of a sale, while others hold steadfast, waiting for the right buyer. Personally, the recession hit my family hard, but with fortitude, forward-thinking, and a positive attitude, each of us have managed to make it through despite horrible odds.

In terms of business growth during lean economic periods, I’m reminded of something my grandfather once said, “The mark of any good business is the investment it makes in advertising and development even in the worst of times.” Making temporary cutbacks to ensure that your brand stays within view of your consumer is sometimes necessary and our interactive marketing and advertising agency can help. With every new season comes with it a fresh perspective and as we shift gears towards the cooler weather of fall, now is the time for you to develop smart advertising strategies so as the first leaf changes color, you’re ready. Dynamic Digital Advertising can work with you to change your online look with our website redesign services, or for those that have spent long hours over the past few months developing a new product line, we can create an entirely new website design strictly for individual product promotion. For those that want to express how their business is evolving and gauge where their consumer is, we can produce a live webcast through streaming media. The list of possibilities is truly too long to include on this blog. Call our New Business Development team at 215-355-6442 to learn more.

For those that have weathered this economic storm thus far, I leave you with this - “It is important that you recognize your progress and take pride in your accomplishments. Share your achievements with others. Brag a little. The recognition and support of those around is nurturing.” ~ Rosemarie Rossetti

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