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Be the Inventor I can’t Be

Everyone knows at least one person who can’t retell a story if his or her life depended on it. For me, it’s my mom. Whenever she starts with her usual, “Oh, you’ll never guess what happened.” or “Wait till you hear this!”, I brace myself (literally) for a long-winded story that will be anything but a linear progression and will leave me scratching my head wondering what was the punchline or point? It’s in these moments that I wish I had the ability to invent a story translator. When my mom would start up with one of her usual precursors, I’d ask her to pause while I get her hooked up to some elaborate-looking device that made her appear as if she was wearing some phone headset/helmet connected to a speaker. She’d speak and out would come the story as if I’d actually been there to experience it.

Well, for me there’s no such luck as I’m far from any type of mechanical inventor. However, with today’s advanced interactive technologies, you’re able to be the inventor of your own marketing and advertising media. Gone are the days of flat, template-based websites. Today, they are quickly being replaced by engaging interactive web experiences that are completely unique and innovative. With virtual simulations that take real-world events to a level never before explored and interactive videos that allow users to adjust variables beyond those of play, pause, and stop, interactive websites are designed with an inherent WOW factor. So, be the inventor I can’t be by contacting DDA to find out more about our interactive media services.

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Entry by: laura


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