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Behind the Scenes

Next week, we have an in-studio video shoot scheduled for the production of a promotional medical video. The original concept was that we would use audio narration for the scriptwritingthat I produced. Now, the concept has morphed into an on-camera spokesperson. DDA’s ability to ”change on a dime” is one of the many things that sets our advertising agency and video production company apart from the competition. To accommodate for this change, we were able to adjust for the times originally quoted, and have the client choose the best representative for his company from our DDA Actor’s Network, which includes two Galleries and 60 actors/actresses.

There are many intricacies that clients don’t often consider when choosing an actor to represent their company in a video. The purpose of this video is to promote an occupational therapy company. That said, it was important to find someone who was physically fit, and who appears compassionate toward others - whether it is in their intonation or in their smile. We also needed to nail down the wardrobe. For this client, they are choosing business suit attire. Once all of that is defined, the actor/actress needs to know a little about the role he or she shall play, and the company he or she will represent so the right persona is conveyed to the audience.

So much goes on behind the scenes of a video production, but DDA gets it all done seamlessly. Where else can you change a concept of a project and have that same company be able to accommodate for your every want and need? I would dare you to find out, but I don’t want you to have a bad experience elsewhere, so contact DDA!

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Entry by: laura


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