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Meaning behind Color

The summer season always sparks my interest in color as plants are in full bloom, the sky is a brilliant blue (with the exception of the occasional dark gray stormy day), and the inner fashionista takes bold risks with pattern and saturated tones. I was reading an article the other day about what your favorite color says about you. Click here for the article. My favorite colors are turquoise and yellow. According to the article, that means I’m complex, imaginative, and original with a sunny and shred personality, a good business head, a strong sense of humor. I’ll let those who know me best be the judge as to whether that is a fitting description :)

What’s interesting is that there is a significant amount of meaning behind color. If your business is in the red, you’re struggling financially and should develop sound strategies to get in the black. It’s a cognitive choice as to what color tie the President wears when he makes certain speeches to show personal interest or party neutrality. In fact, color even dictates if traffic should stop, slow, or go. At our advertising agency, color is one of many important elements involved in graphic design. Our graphic designers make important decisions on what colors are complementary to the market at hand. Typically, red is avoided in the medical industry while green is favored by eco-friendly organizations. Whether the project is an interactive website design or an eLearning tool, color is always taken into consideration.  Click on the link above to find out what your favorite color says about you, but contact DDA to find out what color combination works best for your business.

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