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Spoken versus Written

As a professional copywriter for our advertising agency, I often need to stop and reread what I wrote out loud. Why, you might ask? Because the spoken word is different than the written word. A single statement can be interpreted several different ways. For example, “Aren’t you going to the store today?” can be a simple question or it can be a inference to actually take action.

In speech, the intonation in a person’s voice can transform an angry statement into a subtle gesture. The same words are used in the message, but the inflection drives home the meaning. In writing, words all subject to individual interpretation. Consciously or subconsciously, we bring our own life experiences to the mix when reading excerpts.

So, for me, when I develop search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting for a new website design or scriptwriting for a new video production, the same thought and care goes into every word. Will readers perceive this as a positive attribute? Will viewers hear the main point in that statement? For websites and print media, one does the best they can to present the words in a fashion that appeals to the reader. For videos or narration, we are able to work with our video department and the actors involved in a project to ensure that the emphasis has been placed on the right phrase.

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Entry by: laura


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