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Writing with a Deeper Meaning

As I often state in my blogs, yes, I have a passion for writing… it’s a craft, a skill, a love of language and all its intricacies. But I write not just for passion, but for deeper meaning. Copywriting is often considered a cop out in the writing community and not given much respect. I strongly beg to differ.

In advertising, one must have an overarching message to strike the emotional chord of the target audience and evoke a response to buy. It’s not as simple as saying, “This product is great!” To an audience this message is meaningless. Psychology plays a major role in copywriting. One needs to understand where the audience is coming from, to the point where you place yourself in their shoes and their needs and wants become yours. Simultaneously, you must “become a member of the organization for which you advertise” and their goals and objectives becomes yours as well. When combined the copywriter becomes the vessel of inspiration and education. (Yes, I know this sounds conceded, but hear me out.)

Say, for example, I am writing content about a treatment for prostate cancer using the products of a medical device manufacturer (a.k.a our client). In a header on a patient brochure design, I might say, “Have a better quality of life after prostate cancer through next-generation cryotherapy treatment”. In this single statement, there are subtle nuances that get conveyed on a conscious and subconscious level. For the patient, they want to survive cancer and enjoy life again. This message tells them they can. For the client, they want to market cryotherapy as a viable treatment solution so patients are encouraged to pursue it and physicians find the clients’ products to be the best in the business. This message hits on both cues, but less for the physicians as they would be marketed to in a different application.

For me, being able to craft a single message with diverse meanings is key. On a personal level, it’s meaningful to me to be given the chance to reach out to people with purpose and direction. I may be soft-spoken, but my words are loud. For the writing community, I may not be developing the next classic novel, but I’m also not producing articles that lay in the trash or starving as I find my niche. Every day I write with passion and meaning and, for me, that’s what it’s all about.

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Entry by: laura


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