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Quizzo and Ethics

On Tuesday nights, Andrea and I often walk around the corner from our house to a bar/restaurant to grab dinner and wind down a little bit. The real reason we go on Tuesdays (other than the awesome Buffalo wings) is because they have Quizzo, a popular trivia game that is usually a hot ticket there, with tables being reserved early in the night.

Now I’ve always been pretty good with so-called “useless” information. Family members and friends actually call me with random questions, assuming that I’ll know the answer. I’ve always joked that if I used my brainspace for actual important things — instead of college sports team nicknames, song lyrics, and odd historical facts — I’d be much smarter.

Well, Tuesday night, we joined my mom and aunt for Quizzo. And having team members from an older generation (no mom, I wasn’t calling you old) definitely helped. They knew some old songs, odd facts, and recognized a few faces on the picture round that I never would have known. I did contribute though.

  • Three U.S. presidents with four-letter last names?
  • Football coach who was fired in 1978 for punching an opposing player?
  • Sports stadium named after a former vice president?
  • (answers below)

We actually finished in second place this week, and won a $15 gift certificate to the restaurant. But what struck me the most was the number of people I saw CHEATING at Quizzo by using their cell phones and Blackberrys to look up answers each round. I know the questions are hard, but if come for the enjoyment of the game, why would you then cheat by looking up answers?

Maybe they’re the same kind of people who work at one of the countless firms who do website design in Philadelphia and use black hat tactics or make promises they can’t keep. They use spam techniques, dirty tricks to achieve search engine optimization (SEO), and overall unethical business practices. But not here at DDA, a full-service advertising agency specializing in website design and development, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

At DDA, we post our code of ethics very clearly on our website for everyone to see. We use hard work, great design, professional copywriting, advanced coding, a team of SEO specialists, and our 8 Steps to Online Success to help your site gain traction on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. We help you create genuine, organic results without the need for costly pay-per-click campaigns, which are sometimes susceptible to fraud.

And at DDA, in addition to being very affordable in the world of website development, we provide every client with a minute-by-minute breakdown of all the time spent on your project. That way you know that no time was wasted, and that your going to get a maximum return on your investment.

So, unlike my team on Tuesday night, you’ll finish first (not second) on the major search engine rankings. And that’s worth far more than a $15 gift certificate.

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Entry by: Steve


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