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Sounds Only Dogs Can Hear

When I’m trying to think of a blog topic, stories about my dog are always an old reliable standby. And for today’s special, I’m-feeling-old, 26th-birthday edition of my blog, Abby provided quite an interesting tale — and one that relates well to our process here at DDA.

Abby is usually a very sound sleeper at night. After her first few months in our house, she calmed down at night and settled into the sleep routine right along with us. She is even more cooperative now that she has set up shop on the bed in the spare room each night, where she has a clear view out the front window at everything going on.

So I was surprised at about 3:15 a.m. Sunday morning when she came into our bedroom whining and whimpering and jumping on the bed to wake me up. Thinking she just had to go outside, I trudged downstairs and let her out. A few minutes later, she refused to come back in, and finally, I had to coerce her with some treats just so I could go back to sleep.

No sooner was I back in bed that she came back into the room whining even worse than before. A little frustrated now, I went back downstairs and let her out. Again, she refused to come back in. Finally, sensing my growing frustration, Andrea got up and helped me corner her back into the house.

Finally, she laid down and seemed settled. But then, I heard the faintest chirping noise. It was so quiet that I nearly missed it, but it sent Abby into a frenzy once again. So after some sleepy searching (it was now past 4 a.m.), I discovered that the smoke detector in our office had run out of batteries, and was chirping every few minutes to alert us to the needed change. As I climbed a ladder and took it down, Abby stood on guard below me. And when it chirped again, she freaked out. I let her sniff the dectector (dunno if that had an effect, but it seemed to appease her), and she finally went back to sleep for the rest of the night.

My frustration turned to satisfaction knowing that Abby is always watching out for us. Obviously, she didn’t know that it was something important like a smoke detector battery, but it makes me sleep easier knowing that she can hear things we can’t, just in case we’re ever too sound asleep to hear something important.

At a full-service advertising agency like Dynamic Digital Advertising, we all have different talents and specialties — that’s what makes us different from every other advertising and marketing agency around. So every project is seen by multiple people, who each instinctively look for different things. The copywriters usually focus on the content, proofreading every word and making sure everything is spelled correctly. The graphic designers notice things like colors that may not match, fonts that don’t agree, and web buttons that don’t look right. The search engine optimization specialists tweak every keyword and meta tag to improve page rankings. The programmers check for broken links, faulty code, and other errors that the rest of us would never even notice. Often, we go out of our way to show a project to someone who has not been involved in it, just so we get an outside opinion and constructive criticism to help improve the final product.

So just like Abby has my back at home on all the noises I could never hear, we here at DDA take pride in our thorough review process to provide clients with the best project possible. Although it would be nice if Abby could call me today to remind me to buy 9-volt batteries on the way home.

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Entry by: Steve


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