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A Learning Process

I believe it’s true that there’s an eLearning component to just about any marketing or advertising endeavor and that applies to both the medical and corporate sectors.

As a full-service traditional and interactive advertising, marketing, and production company, we get all types of requests from all different fields. Some are outright eLearning platform development projects, with or without continuing medical education (CME) credits and certification attached. Others are more subtle and oftentimes the client approaching us doesn’t think of it in terms of needing to provide an education. But I can tell you that we’ve met some interesting people out there who are actively working on filling needs and making their respective industries better. Unfortunately, as it happens when you go against the mainstream, there’s sometimes a barrier you need to step over to show people that different is actually better.

At DDA, we are well aware of what that’s like as we are constantly having to overcome the standard in the video production, web development, and search engine marketing (SEM) industries — standards we don’t agree with nor practice. Plainly said, our proprietary processes are better. But like many of the companies we deal with, explaining why and how requires educating our audience.

Because we have so many in-house capabilities, eLearning development is really where we succeed, as it is the pinnacle of all our abilities — video, web development, professional writing, search engine marketing, animations, custom programming, and more coming together to create one wholly engaging and immersive experience.

But you don’t need to label your project as a training tool to get some of the same effect. We can incorporate the same educational approach into marketing messages and themes that will grab the attention of your target audience and keep that attention in whatever form you’re looking for, all the while teaching them why what you’re doing is better than the mainstream.

Trust me, at DDA if there’s one thing we do on a daily basis, it’s explain about uniqueness and innovation. It’s kind of hard not to.

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