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There are a lot of different industries, fields, specialties, careers, and jobs out there and sometimes I take certain things in life for granted. If Dirty Jobs has taught me anything it’s that for all of those creature comforts (indoor plumbing, sewer systems, garbage pickup, etc.) there’s a person whose responsibility it is to make it happen.

Working for DDA, I have the pleasure of getting a glimpse into many different industries, and I’ve realized there’s one common denominator among them all — the need to get their message to the people. The message can be anything, from the proper way to handle a medical device to the need for routine maintenance on a really large piece of equipment, and the people can range from patients, to physicians, consumers, customers, advocates, colleagues, and on, and on. DDA’s job is to find the perfect platform for delivering that message to that target group of people.

Luckily, we have the traditional and interactive marketing fields covered, and without limitations on what we can build, develop, design, or program, we can truly select the best possible platform out there, regardless of whether it’s a video, website, animation, illustration, eLearning platform, or anything else.

So come one and challenge us. Bring on any field, industry, purpose, or need, and we’ll make sure that the people not only hear your message but will take action as well.

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