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Against the Grain

Everything about today seemed unnatural. When my alarm first went off at 5:40 a.m., my initial thought was, “I forgot to turn it off,” but luckily my memory set in and I recalled that today, is indeed, a work day. The whole Friday off, three-day weekend, has long been a source of jealousy for many of my friends and family, and has been extremely beneficial in multiple ways. Living an hour from where I work, there’s often not much time left in the day to get things done during the week. It’s nice having a full day where I can run all of my errands and take care of anything that needs to be done within the traditional Monday-Friday work week.

Now this week’s weather has thrown a kink into the works. My boyfriend’s remark to me last night when I whined about getting up in the morning was, “Now you know what’s it like for the rest of us.”  So much for compassion.

At DDA, though, we can’t just eliminate an entire day from the work week without making it up. There’s too much going on and we have too much of a responsibility to our clients to meet deadlines, complete tasks, address issues, etc., etc. Sure, if one or two people are out, we can keep moving on, but all 20 of us? I don’t think so.

Alright, so this may be against the grain, and I’m sure Monday is going to come way too fast, but I can tough it out if it means we can offer the same level of medical and corporate marketing and advertising services, from website design and development and search engine marketing (SEM) to video production and animation, that our clients are so used to receiving.

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