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All Bite and No Bark

All this morning all I could think about was lunch. Not unusual, because for the sake of full disclosure, I like to eat. But today was different. Today, I was going to have the Volcano taco from Taco Bell.

After seeing a commercial over the weekend, I’ve had visions of flames leaping from my eyes and mouth dancing in my head. I like my food spicy, to the point where I can’t taste it. So, with much anticipation, I made the trek to the Bell and brought my little package back to DDA.

In the lunchroom, I paused (for suspense) and took a big bite of my Volcano taco…Nothing. “OK,” I thought. “Maybe just one of those kickers that gets you a few secs later.” Wait for it….nothing. There were no flames and I could barely taste spicy. Though it was tasty, I was disappointed.

False advertising. How many times have you heard those words? When it comes to the world of marketing, there is a lot of hype, and in many cases nothing to back it up. From the days of PT Barnum and beyond, hooking unsuspecting consumers for the sake of a buck is a big game, and one companies will pay millions of dollars just to compete in.

I have to admit, that making the leap from newspapers to advertising had me a bit worried. There’s a stigma there. But at DDA, I never have to worry. We are intent on establishing long-term relationships with our clients, helping them to grow their businesses and appeal to audiences in the most honest and up-front ways possible. Whether it’s a video, or website, or even IT or programming, DDA doesn’t compromise itself or the companies we represent just to hoodwink customers and make some extra money. We even have a Code of Ethics by which we adhere.

Perhaps if DDA went into the taco-making business, I might actually get those flames I was looking for.

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Entry by: toni


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