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Attract and Repel

I hoped that our last college tour would end on a bright and shiny note, but that was most certainly not the case. Instead, my younger sister, my mother, and I braved the wind, cold temperatures, and non-stop drizzling to get a closer look at the school that one day may become my sister’s home. The gross day did not change her opinion at all. She is still set on going there, which is good in many ways, not excluding that fact that a decision means no more visits.

In total, we saw seven schools, which was not bad considering the projected 12. Every school had a different way of arranging the visit and they all chose to market their schools in completely unique ways. Some used video as a way to entice students, other chose faculty members to speak, and in every case there were about 1,000 different variations of print materials being handed out.

I learned a lot from these tours and I watched my sister very closely. On more than one occasion she was immediately turned off by a school based on what they said or did during the presentation. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If the college or, in turn, a company has carefully developed their marketing campaign and are communicating messages that exemplify their core philosophy and practices, then if it’s not resonating with a certain person, they’re probably not the audience you want anyway. Not to say anything badly about my sister, it’s just that in some circumstances, it wasn’t the best match.

At DDA, when we help a company formulate a marketing plan or direction moving forward, we take a lot of issues into consideration, including competition and the target audience. We help companies to design marketing and advertising campaigns that will grab the attention of the intended audience, engage them, and keep them interested.  Every company is different and therefore every project we undertake is different as well, even if it’s website design and development for 15 different corporations or video production or animations for 20 individual companies, each is unique.

In the end you get traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services, likes games, websites, and eLearning platforms that not only help you target your audience, but also help you eliminate those that may not be right.

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