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Check the Record

When I first started at DDA, I will admit, I was a little freaked out by the system in place. See, we have this TRAC (Time Resource and Accounting) that was custom programmed in-house and we have a calendar where everything is scheduled for the entire office, right down to who’s in charge of cleaning up the kitchen. Within the TRAC, we record every minute spent on every single project. We log in and log out, and when we are done for that moment, we write a detailed description of exactly what we did. All of those TRACs are then included in the client’s invoice upon billing.

You have to understand that I was coming from a newspaper, where I worked in an office with three other people, and I was the only one who was in editorial, so I pretty much handled all aspects of laying out the paper, writing the articles, and editing it all. There was no need to be concerned about anyone else’s whereabouts, and I operated primarily on a “let’s get it done” philosophy, so I certainly wasn’t tracking every minute I spent.

So the sudden move to a very organized and systematic process was a bit like jumping into icy water, a bit of a shock. After more than two years, these things have become my friends and now in New Business Development, great assets. I do a lot of scheduling and if I had to run around and inform everyone of an upcoming meeting, it would take a lot of time. It’s also great to be able to tell prospective clients that there’s absolutely no need to worry about the time spent on their project, because they will be billed right down to the last minute and see how it all unfolded at each step.

Everything from video production projects, webcasts, and live video streaming to medical animations and illustration to even medical website design and development, eLearning platforms, and continuing medical education (CME) sites, are monitored and accounted for at every second. It’s just one more thing we do to demonstrate our transparency and open and honest policy.

I doubt anyone reading my tiny little paper cared one bit about how long it took me to take a photo or edit a press release, but I do know that when it comes to marketing and advertising, our client’s time and money are precious commodities, and they deserve to know exactly how they’re being spent.

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