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Did Feminism and Facebook Kill the Car?

Today on the way to work I heard a humorous diatribe from a commentator on NPR. He was talking about how feminism and Facebook are responsible for the current American automobile crisis, or as some call it “the death of the automobile.”

It was funny and satirical and while the comments regarding feminism boarded on offensive, it was all in good humor. My favorite part was when he remarked that men use to use the car to pick up women, but now with Facebook that’s no longer needed, and even if a man had two Corvettes it wouldn’t equal the effect of the online outlet, as the Corvette doesn’t come with Photoshop.

Maybe Facebook isn’t to blame, or at least not all by itself, but I think it’s clear that the digital realm is dominating society, and these days it’s odd for even a 10 year old to not have a computer and cell phone. It’s no longer about whether or not your company wants to have an online presence, it’s now about how you maximize it to compete against everyone else out there and outperform all others.

It’s amazing to me how many companies are so far behind in this arena, and even more than that, how some are still not convinced of its power.

At DDA, we’ve known about the power of the Internet for quite a long time and have evolved our process through the years as the search engines grew stronger and smarter, and we continue to do so. We have helped clients get hundreds and thousands of first page rankings on the major search engines. Our website design and development is an integrated process that considers search engine marketing (SEM) from the start and our unique search engine optimization (SEO) techniques help to build upon rankings over time.

But it’s not just about coming up first. CD-ROMs, live and archived webcasts, streaming video, video production, continuing medical education (CME) and eLearning platforms, and medical animations can all help to boost the interactivity and effectiveness of your online presence.With so much to see and so much available at people’s fingers today, you really need to give people a reason to choose you.

So maybe the commentator was right. These days you might get more attention from an online interactive or animated Corvette than you would a real one.

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