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Dumpster Diving to Innovation

On NPR this morning I heard a very interesting story, as is usually the case. This one was about a group of people who turned Dumpsters into swimming pools. My initial reaction was “There is no way in the universe that I would willingly climb into a Dumpster to go swimming.” I was comforted slightly when they mentioned the Dumpsters were lined with heavy plastic but not enough to go seeking one out. Of course this was in Brooklyn so I don’t think I need to worry about the opportunity presenting itself anytime soon.

But at its core this is a very innovative concept and a unique solution to a problem — a hot summer day in the city with little options for relief. Installing a real pool was obviously at out of the question.

While we’ve never turned a Dumpster into a pool, DDA is not unlike the people behind that idea. We are continuously confronted with problems and are always working to determine unique and innovative solutions — solutions that will best meet our client’s needs and provide results well beyond what they’ve hoped.

Our full range of interactive marketing services includes videos, games, websites, and even eLearning platform development. We are not confined to the conventional way of doing things and are constantly looking to new methods and techniques, even outside of the interactive realm, like with brochures, direct mail campaigns, and catalogs.

At DDA we’re not looking to just provide services, we want to help our clients to be successful and oftentimes that means taking an existing practice or process and giving it a whole new spin.

While I don’t think I would line up to take a jump in the Dumpster pool, I do commend those guys for their innovation, and if not just a little bit, for the nuttiness of the idea.

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Entry by: toni


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