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Forecasting Doom and Gloom

We’re approaching the time of year I dread. It’s not just the cold weather that gets me in a panic, it’s the icy and snowy weather that usually comes with it. I have suspicions that I would not get half as jumpy if it were not for the local newscasters and meteorologists. They treat every change in weather like a breaking news story of catastrophic proportions. It’s already begun. The last two mornings I’ve heard nothing but talk about the approaching storm that will bring some inclement weather but mainly rain. Though the report is not all doom and gloom, they sure are talking non-stop about the storm that will carry snow and ice to to other parts of the world. It’s enough to make a girl nervous.

One thing I’m very happy for is that we never go for the “shock and awe” effect at DDA.  Well, I guess we do in a way. Our video production, animation, website design and development, and eLearning platform development is so innovative and cutting-edge that it gets people’s attention right away. We work hard to create engaging work, and it shows. But when it comes to talking with our clients, new and existing, we don’t sugar coat the facts and nor do we over hype anything. We give it to them straight, and one can argue that maybe we even downplay things a bit too much, especially when it comes to our search engine marketing techniques (SEM). But at DDA we pride ourselves on being careful and taking all of the steps necessary to make our clients successful.

We’d rather save our energy for the actual project and get the target audience pumped up and excited, then use scare tactics and sensationalism to sell our services. If only the morning news could do the same.

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Entry by: toni


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