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Innovative Advertising, Not Shady Deals

Last night, after a few trips in the drizzling rain, I took my over-excited boyfriend to a well-known electronics store that I will not mention by name.

A couple of weeks ago, he spotted an amazing deal, and I stress the amazing part. So amazing in fact, that the company was making it nearly impossible for people to order it. It was listed as one price online and another in the store (despite a recent advertising pitch by this company) and, naturally, the night of the extraordinary, unbelievable deal, no one could connect to this company’s server to actually purchase it. Wait, it gets better. Even once people could get on, there were conflicting results depending on when and from which site you tried to process the order. Sometimes the costs mysteriously skyrocketed by $300 or so, or one of the items (it’s a package deal) was out of stock, and “Sorry, no rain checks.”

Suffice it to say, I believe thanks to my boyfriend’s quick thinking to jump in the car and head on over there, as well as his pointing out the fact that offering two different prices went against their entire marketing push — which happened to be splattered on signs all over the building — I think we are the only ones to have actually received this miraculous deal. But it’s not over yet. We still have one item to pick up which came in last night. Unfortunately the Nissan was too tiny and the store was closing, so my boyfriend will have to hang on just one more night until he can finally brag about his amazing deal.

This is what I find so incredibly sad. It’s not fair to promise a great deal and not deliver, especially when bargains are what everyone is depending on this holiday season. There’s been a lot of talk about consumerism lately and if enough is enough, and possibly that the downturn in the retail business maybe isn’t so bad in the long run. Maybe there is just too much. But I believe that companies have a responsibility to their clients. A responsibility to deliver as promised.

Advertising should not be about gimmicks with little substance; it should be about clever and innovative ways to draw people in and to get them to notice what you are offering. But in the end, it’s the product that will make the sale. One of the things I like about DDA is, if there is a company or a product that seems a bit off, we’re not going to take the job. That’s called integrity and doing what’s right. We do great work, and we want to keep it that way, so we are not going to sacrifice everything we have done to make less-than-par or questionable videos, animations, websites, or anything else for that  matter.

We want to build long-term relationships and want our clients to always know that when it comes to video production and website design and development they are getting the best at affordable pricing. In this world of uncertainty, there should be some constants, and at DDA it’s important that we keep the same quality of work and honesty to our clients as we always have.

As for my boyfriend, once he’s safe at home and is no longer worried about getting ripped off, he’ll be able to brag about nabbing the elusive deal  that no one else could catch.

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