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It’s Better Fresh

All week I have been cooking dinner with fresh herbs and greens, souvenirs from a visit to a friend’s farm over Labor Day weekend.

There is nothing that beats fresh vegetables, herbs, and greens. The cilantro, shallots, and swiss chard picked the day I was leaving, have just that smidgen of extra flavoring not to be found in the pre-packaged varieties, or unfortunately even from my local grocery store. Admittedly, I live in Podunkville compared to here, so we don’t have those fancy, all-organic super stores.

It makes me wonder why anyone would choose the packaged, same-as-everyone else item, over the fresh and individual. This stands for everything from food to houses to, yes you guessed it, website development, video production, graphic design, and I’ll even throw in programming.

I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating. Many times I have had someone on the phone who just could not wrap their head around the idea of custom. Their minds were preprogrammed to believe that those discount packages and tired templates, churned out by other marketing and advertising agencies, were the industry standard and the only way to go.

But here’s a question that seems rather simple, well, to me and I am sure everyone else here at DDA, why would you choose the same thing that everyone else (including people within the same industry)  has when your one attempt is to market your business and stand out from the others? How are you going to truly distinguish your business, when your website, brochure, tradeshow booth, or any other marketing piece, looks like something potential consumers or clients have seen many times before?

It certainly doesn’t make sense to us at DDA, which is why we never use templates...for anything, and also why we work very closely with each of our clients from the very beginning to create  an end-product that truly meets their needs, communicates their core messages, and reaches out to target audiences in a whole different way.

I say, let the competition pop in their logo and images and slap it on the web, so when those visitors’ eyes get tired and their minds get numb, they’ll only be that much more dazzled by what your company has to offer.

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