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Looking for It All

There is a greater push these days for a company that will do it all.

Many advertising agencies and marketing companies routinely outsource some or all of the services they provide. The primary reason could be because they usually have a focus in one or two areas, like IT, website development, search engine marketing (SEM), or video production. Anything extra gets pushed out of house.

Seems to make sense on the surface. Staffing an agency or company with all of the people needed to provide every marketing or advertising services,  the equipment needed, software, programs, facilities, and so on can seem like a lot for one business to take on. But in today’s digital world, it’s not so smart.

Add to that, the fact that the customer is getting smarter and savvier. They are catching onto the fact that certain services are not only outsourced to other companies, but, more than likely, overseas to India or China, and they don’t like it. More awareness on the economy means people are more concerned about keeping business within the U.S., and then there’s the communication gap. There are things that get lost in translation, especially when it comes to content development, and one of the most widely outsourced items search engine optimization.

DDA has known for a long time how important it is to offer everything in one place, which is why that has been our structure since the beginning. There is a greater need for multi-media services like web embedded video, websites that have a shopping cart, tracking mechanisms, and online quizzes, and CD-ROMs that integrate embedded links and other features.

I get a lot of calls from people whose first question is, “How many services do you offer; Is it all done in-house?” It’s becoming more important and more prevalent, and like everything else DDA anticipated the need and was ready and waiting.

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Entry by: toni


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