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Marketing and Advertising without the Fine Print

One of my boyfriend’s favorite activities is reading the fine print on commercials. As we have a DVR, he can pause the feed, slow it down, and read the tiny lines of script that are way down on the bottom of the screen. He has uncovered many a false or slightly skewed claim doing this, like a 40 mpg gas mileage that was really recorded at a continuous speed on a closed track. Hardly representative of what you would really get driving from traffic light to traffic light.

The world is full of the fine print and there’s no better example of the dangers in not reading it then the financial crisis. While most financial analysts are pretty certain we are on the tail end of the recession, there’s one area that still has not shown much progress — foreclosures. Unfortunately, many people unwittingly entered into variable-rate mortgages. They failed to read the fine print. I guess we could point fingers and say it was their fault but isn’t everyone guilty of this at some point? Does everyone really read word for word every contract or agreement they sign? Some people may not even be aware that when they do their taxes online they are actually allowing that particular company to release their financial information to other commercial companies.

What we need in the world is more transparency, more honesty, more upfront statements about what’s actually going to happen. Everyone complains the good old days of trust and goodwill have gone and are now replaced with  dishonesty and greed, but with so many companies and businesses withholding key information, it’s no wonder we’ve grown paranoid and selfish.

At DDA, being upfront from the very beginning is really important to us.  With nearly 20 years of experience in pretty much all forms of traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services, we know what it takes to succeed. We also know when a company has an actual shot at getting high rankings through organic search engine marketing (SEM) and when search engine optimization (SEO) is just not going to be enough. We don’t build from templates or create cookie-cutter sites and we are not shy about letting everyone know we are a custom development company with high-quality video production, industry-leading designs, state-of-the-art website design and development, and advanced custom programming capabilities. In short, we never pretend to be something we’re not nor do we promise something to our clients we don’t think we can deliver. With DDA, you get what you ask for, whether its 2D or 3D medical animations, illustrations, or print production.

I just wish the rest of the world tried to be as transparent. Maybe then we could spend the time we usually would reading the fine print on more important things.

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