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Marketing Services that Prevent Cracking

On Monday as I went to prepare dinner I discovered something very upsetting — a huge crack in my countertop. I have no idea how it got there. Seconds before the discovery, I was moving a bottle of wine and hit the side of the counter kind of hard. It wasn’t right next to the crack but it was nearby. Perhaps the reverberation? I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s altogether upsetting. We are in the process of revamping our kitchen and a new countertop is not in the budget. It’s also baffling. I have no idea how this could have occurred. I mean I’m not light on my possessions and I’m always dropping things but I can’t really understand this. Aren’t countertops supposed to be tough? I definitely don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do in a kitchen.  I was really confused at first because I was under the impression that the countertop was Corian, which is supposed to be pretty durable. That’s when my boyfriend informed me that it’s actually imitation Corian.

Aha. Once again, see what happens when you go for the cheap knockoff? It always costs more in the end.

If you look at it metaphorically, DDA can help prevent cracks as well. We provide the highly-innovative, advanced-functioning, interactive tools needed to shore up any weak spots, whether for internal or external audiences. The marketing and advertising services we provide also withstand the test of time, so we’re durable too. Our website design and development process is so involved and so focused on the client’s exact needs that it can really be an effective tool for a company for years to come. Our search engine marketing (SEM) techniques add some additional insurance and strength to get you through the years. Even our video production and 2D and 3 D animation services are developed to provide your company with a lasting impact and withstand the test of time.

OK, so our traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services may not solve every problem, but you can come pretty darn close. And when you go with the real thing,  you never have to worry of one day suddenly discovering a large crack with no idea how it even got there.

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Entry by: toni


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