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Medical Marketing without the Scare Tactics

Every morning I watch a local news channel. I will not say which channel, but it does cover the Philadelphia and greater Lehigh Valley areas — the latter of which is where I reside. Now, I would assume this would be consistent among all local news channels, but the weather forecasters on this particular channel have a knack for inciting fear.

During the winter I would wince in fear at the warnings that the day would be record-breaking cold temperatures, with a map that showed parts of Alaska as being 5 degrees warmer than my area at that current moment.  It was colder than Alaska? Are you kidding me?

This morning the warning was strong thunderstorms with “continuous lightning.” Another colorful map accompanied this warning, with touch-down times marked for areas surrounding me, and then this friendly warning from one of the forecasters “If you are driving into Philadelphia, you should be fine, if you leave right now. If not, it’s best to take shelter and wait for the storms to pass.” I suddenly felt like I was trapped in Wizard of Oz, with little time to get to the fall-out shelter before the twister got me. OK, so I tend to be jumpy and I certainly do not need any assistance in the fear department, but really isn’t there a better way to report the weather and ensure people are safe?

At DDA, well more than half of the work we do is marketing and advertising projects for the medical and healthcare IT fields. Our full range of services in this area covers everything from internal and external training tool development to medical website design and development to video production and medical animations. Our brand-new DDA Medical website extends well beyond all other sites in terms of innovation and enhanced usability, making it incredibly easy for visitors to find the exact services they want — whether it’s eLearning and continuing medical education (CME) development or logo design and development and medical illustrations.

With so much experience in helping companies, organizations, and institutions educate patients, physicians, reach out to new customers, and explain complicated procedures and new therapies, we know the right ways to reach out to target audiences and present messages that won’t incite fear.

Marketing and branding, regardless of the purpose, is an important consideration to us in every project we undertake, and we work hard to make sure that our clients are portraying the right image and that in the end, they are meeting their goals.

You don’t need to scare people to get them to take action and you can certainly present all of the facts in ways that are easily understood and comprehended, while at the same time making people feel at ease and comforted.

Perhaps we should suggest creating the graphics for the news channel to which I am referring. Then maybe it would be more informative and engaging then downright scary.

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