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Messy Convenience

I’m in the process of repainting my cabinets as part of a quick kitchen update to give everything an updated look.

This past weekend, I pulled down all of the cabinet doors and scrubbed them to remove years of grease and grub. I’m waiting to paint until I’ve selected new hardware so that we can determine whether or not we need to go to the trouble of buffing out the holes where the old hardware was. So until I get the doors back on, everything in my cabinets is out in the open, completely exposed.

While it’s not a pretty sight, I kind of like it, which is a very surprising side effect. It’s so much more convenient. I can just reach up grab something and continue on. I bet it’s shaved minutes off my overall cooking time.  Now, I certainly don’t plan on keeping it like this (I’m not organized enough for that) but a couple of days ago I did see a show where they were looking at an interior designer’s home and she had open-air cabinets. She also mentioned that she’s done the same thing for a lot of her clients, primarily because of the convenience factor.

That led me to a thought. Convenience and ease can really be an a vital asset in any aspect of life, whether personal or business. But not everything that’s convenient is necessarily the best choice. For example, that designer’s cabinets are convenient and pretty, making them a good solution. My cabinets, while convenient, are an eye sore when the doors are off. Instead of pretty glassware, people will be looking at all of my baking supplies bulging out from the top shelves. So in the end, the negatives outweigh the positives.

DDA offers a lot of solutions for convenience — like patient and physician portals — and ease.  We create intuitive and innovative eLearning platforms that keep the user engage while providing them with all of the information they need in one place. We help companies take traditionally offline practices online to save on costs and time, like catalogs, brochures, or more. CD-ROM, DVD, video production, and animation are all ways we help to simplify marketing and advertising efforts and provide our clients with the most bang for the buck. Even search engine marketing (SEM) is in the end all about convenience. We can attract hundreds and thousands of visitors to a company’s website, allowing them to cut down on the costs and times needed for other marketing efforts.

And, we also go up against many different web developers, SEM firms, and videographers that claim to offer the same services as we do. Admittedly, going with these other companies may help to increase convenience. But DDA always produces high-quality work, and much like my kitchen cabinets, when you consider the competition a little more in depth, you might discover that it’s really just a big old mess.

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Entry by: toni


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