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Moving Forward Outside of your Comfort Zone

My boyfriend invests in the stock market. He has for all 11 of the years I’ve known him. For the most part he’s always played it safe with long-term investments. After watching the fallout and manipulation of the stock market following the meltdown of the economy, he began taking risks where he never would’ve before. He’s now investing in a whole different way, and as a result, is learning more than he ever has.

Who’s to say his investments will pay off. But he, like so many other people, shifted his level of comfort to adapt and survive in this financial crisis. There are many stories of people who were laid off or were left with little opportunity for the future who decided to embark on a whole new venture. Some are opening up small businesses and others are going back to school.

There were two stories in particular that were quite interesting to me. One was of an ex-Wall-Street financial whiz who started a private consultancy firm for small banks to help them get out of complicated mortgage-backed securities. The very ones he helped to develop in the first place. The other was a newscaster on a major local channel who went back to school to get his degree in a completely different industry. It’s escaping me now the exact field he got it in, but I know it was nowhere near related to broadcasting.

In the marketing world, more and more companies are coming to us to try something different, like interactive marketing services, such as e-mail campaigns, videos, games, and more.  The world of the virtual trade show has become more and more prominent as people are beginning to realize the value and savings in electronic presentations versus real-life displays. Since innovation is our thing, we are all for people trying new things and can help put the “wow” into any website development and design, video production, or animation project.

There are some good points to take away from this financial crisis, even if they are not easily recognized. People are discovering new avenues, redeveloping and honing processes, and taking pleasure in the small things in life.

Today, on NPR I heard that, like the dentists supporting Trident, four out of five economists agree that the recession is over. Maybe that’s not the exact statistic and there’s no formal report as of yet to back up their claims, but nonetheless the majority think we’re now in the recovery phase.

If the recession really is over, I hope that we don’t forget the lessons learned, not only in terms of preventing another one, but in taking chances, branching out, and pushing ourselves to try something we wouldn’t have in the past.  After all, progress is all about fresh ideas and moving forward.

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