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Write, Write, Write

What do you write when you have nothing to write?

As a writer, it’s a constant challenge. In any type of writing you do, whether it’s marketing or advertising copy, news reporting, and even fiction, there are going to be times when the creative flow has seemed to run dry. Even writing this daily blog sometimes feels like an impossible challenge when you first see the large field of white.

Since coming to DDA, I’ve ventured into many different styles of writing, not just copywriting or website content, or even search engine optimized content — which can I just interject is not something anyone should ever underestimate; it takes a lot more than the popping in of a keyword here and there. There’s the video scripts, brochure content, sell sheets, slogans, headers, subheads, even the proposals I do — though that is a on a whole different realm.

For me, the key has always been to keep on writing, even if it feels like you’re on a downward spiral to boredomville. There’s a little thing called the rewrite. The time where you lay the proverbial pen down and go back to review your masterpiece.

Never has this little skill come into more use than working for a full service company like DDA. Time is of the essence and quality is of the utmost importance. So write, write, write, then review, rewrite, proof, and review.

As much as I would like that park bench with plenty of time to chew on my pen and stare at the clouds, the clock is ticking and the clients are waiting.

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Entry by: toni


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