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Traditional Thinking

Out of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is probably the one most associated with tradition — especially at the personal and family level. We eat turkey because we’ve always eaten turkey, we deal with grandma’s lumpy gravy cause it’s just always been that way (and no one has the heart to tell her), and we eat entirely too much food and sleep it off on the couch for multiple days afterward.

Thanks to my newly-formed, two-person-and-a-large-dog family, Thanksgiving tradition has changed a little bit in recent years. I still end my day at my parents house, but we have a few other pit stops along the way.

This year, we will start with a drive to South Philadelphia, where every member of Andrea’s dad’s family lives within a few blocks of each other, and sits down for Thanksgiving “dinner” at about noon (no joke). We stay there for some incredible homemade pasta and gravy (not sauce — gravy), and what I’m sure will be some kind of seafood offering. After that, we take a ride to Andrea’s aunt’s house for a later, but still-way-early Thanksgiving dinner with her mom’s family. At this point, I have probably eaten more than my fair share of food.

Finally, we finish back at my parents’ house, for the part of my Thanksigiving tradition that is still the same. It is there that I know my dad will insist on making 13 courses (including three different kinds of soup, at least two types of stuffing, and a turkey so large he literally begins cooking it at 3 a.m.), and my mom will get frustrated with him at some point because his massive meal has either completely destroyed the kitchen, or there is no room on the table for another dish.

At some point in our travels that day, we’ll have to stop home to let Abby out and maybe take her for a quick walk. I’m sure she’d enjoy Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, but with two small cousins and a dozen people buzzing about, it’s probably easier to leave her at home.

There is plenty of traditional thinking in the advertising and marketing world, as well. But not here at Dynamic Digital Advertising. We go against the grain created by most companies in our industry, because, well, we’re not really in one industry at all. We offer such a wide variety of services — like advanced programming, copywriting, graphic design, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), corporate and medical training, and video production — that it has become impossible to fit it all under one name (although we all do fit under one roof). We now have seven different divisions, each with its own website to help you understand exactly what we do here, and what makes us different from all the rest.

So as you take some time to see all that we offer at DDA (trust me, it’ll take a while), it’s time for me to get back to work facilitating the launch of a new website project and writing some search engine optimized content. It’s a short week, even by DDA standards. That Thanksgiving feast is so close, I can almost taste it.

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Entry by: Steve


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