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What I’m Thankful For

I know it’s cliche, and probably being done all over the blogosphere today, but after thinking back to an entry I did a few months ago on my “Pet Peeves,” I figured it was only appropriate to talk about things I’m thankful for. Oh, and it’s Thanksgiving Eve — so that’s another good reason.

DDA’s Talented Staff: Ever since I started here at DDA, I obviously knew that everyone was talented. But as I’ve gotten the hang of things, I am more amazed every day by our talented staff. In just the last week, as we have diligently tried to push through a large and fast-paced website design project, I have counted on our programmers, graphic designers, animators, video specialists, and do-it-allers (that would be Mick) to get things done. With a simple email or phone call, things get done and the project stays on track. Whether it’s a typo, a broken link, or a late addition or revision (and there have been many with this project), everything is handled quickly and seamlessly. And Crystal is nice enough to handle the 56th batch of changes without yelling at me.

Digital Video Recorders: One of the greatest inventions this side of Google and the Nintendo Wii. Remember how great we all thought VCR-Plus was? What, you don’t remember the codes that matched your TV Guide so you could tape your favorite shows? Yeah, DVR is way better than that.Required viewing for this weekend currently stored on my DVR: “24: Redemption”, “Entourage”, and “Gossip Girl” (go ahead, laugh).

Kind and Cooperative Clients: With any new client, there is, of course, a feeling-out period on both ends. But as we get deep into a project, it is very helpful to have a client who at least partially understands all the hard work going into their project, and the way we do things here at DDA. And while we don’t seek testimonials or awards, it makes things just a little bit easier when a client takes a moment to let us know that he or she genuinely appreciates our work and thinks we’re doing a great job.

Car Radios: Simple, right? Well, I’ve driven my grandfather around a few times in the last month, and he hates listening to the radio in the car (plus, he’s not much of a small-talker). And since it’s his car, I turn it off. Boy, is it boring to drive in silence. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.

Our Four-Day Week: I have talked about this before, and so has everyone else around here. But our compressed Monday-Thursday workweek is great not only for productivity in the office, but enjoyment outside of it (not to mention its Green impact!). The only thing better than a four-day week? A four-day holiday weekEND!

The World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies: You didn’t really think I’d leave them off this list, did you?

Our Insanely Large and Detailed Website: I consider myself an avid Internet user, but I have never seen a site as deep, large, and detailed as our main site at www.zeroonezero.com. It has everything you need to know about our wide array of services, and it allows us to attract enough clients that we don’t need a dedicated sales crew. The site is always growing, and always attracting new business, which is what allows me to have a job, for which I am thankful.

My Dog, Abby: She just makes me happy (except when she wants to go outside at 2:30 a.m., but I’ll let it slide today).

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Entry by: Steve


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