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Dynamic Digital Advertising's Digital Video Production in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C. and across the nation

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) offers companies everything they need for effective digital and audio digital video production. Clients from all industry segments in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. as well as across the nation are attracting, communicating, influencing, and motivating audiences with corporate, promotional, marketing, training, and educational videos from DDA. From our greater Philadelphia area location in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, DDA has been investing in the latest digital video production equipment since 1998 to convey our clients' messages in the most technologically-advanced way possible.

DDA’s professional digital video production options include:
Corporate Video Production
Conference and Event Video Production
Promotional Video Production
Executive Summary Video Production
Training Video Production
Education Video Production

Why Choose DDA’s Digital Video Production?

Comprehensive Capabilities
Everything from the initial concept, script writing, and storyboarding, to hiring the best actors or models, to shooting, directing, and editing, and finally to duplication, design, and packaging is developed and produced in-house at DDA by one of the most well-qualified, integrated staff the field of video production has to offer. Dynamic Digital Advertising digitally records all footage, which speeds up the video production process, maintains the integrity of the original version in the editing process, and lowers the cost to the client. To keep old, but successful videos running for years to come, DDA can edit and convert VHS tapes to updated CD-ROMS and DVDs.

A One-of-a-kind Digital Video Production Staff
Digital video cameras in the hands of one of our expert videographers results in broadcast quality videos that can be played in the company lobby, in partner or client conferences, or they can be compressed for streaming on the web. When you choose DDA for your digital video production needs, the possibilities are endless. DDA’s degreed writers can produce scripts that engage your targeted audience and communicate your message appropriately. DDA’s in-house 3D animators enhance videos with attention-grabbing designs that can emphasize specific ideas, messages, logos, and images as well as illustrate complex technical processes and operations.

Browse our Corporate Video Showcase and discover how other organizations nationally and regionally in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. are effectively conveying their messages. Get your prospective clients’ attention. Convey uniform messages internally. Stream video or do live webcasts of major corporate conferences or events on the web. Advertise your company’s products or services. All this and more can be accomplished when you choose Dynamic Digital Advertising’s digital video production.

Healthcare professionals need to keep their skills up to date by hitting a required number of CME credits on a regular basis. CME websites by DDA are the perfect way to meet their needs. DDA designs and programs custom CME websites that allow for continual additions of new medical eLearning course content comprised of text, images, and supplementary documents, along with certification testing to ensure that users demonstrate proficiency in the materials to qualify for CME certification. DDA builds personalized certificate of completion generators and integrates automated CME accreditation. DDA also develops custom e-Commerce platforms to allow website visitors to purchase access to new courses, with automated email reminders that help keep customers returning to renew their needed CME credits. The options for custom CME website design and development are nearly endless. Contact DDA today to learn how DDA can make your CME website offer real value that delivers bottom line results for your organization.

Increasing your business's profit potential is possible when you rely on the professional website design and website development process forged by Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia's premier search engine marketing and custom website design company. An important component of DDA's website design process is the step of architecture and navigation. Website architecture and navigation ensures that your website is designed to convert more visitors into customers and accomplishes this goal by creating theoretical pathways that help guide visitors to the pages they are looking for and that you want them to see. Dynamic Digital Advertising's website architects also build structures that make ranking high on major search engines possible.

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A major graphic design firm in Pennsylvania, Dynamic Digital Advertising houses one of the largest and most varied offerings of graphic design services in the nation. Providing aesthetic web graphic design, large format graphic design, print design for brochures, sell sheets, business cards, calendars, catalogs, etc., 3D animations and illustration, radical trade show grpahic design, virtual reality, interactive CD-ROM/DVD, packaging, and many more, Dynamic Digital Advertising is certain to offer the graphic design services that fill your company's promotion and marketing needs.

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