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In 1994, when DDA was first beginning, convergence, in the advertising and marketing industry, meant something like the meeting of two points. By 1998, it had taken on a whole new meaning. Convergence had become the notion that all digital advertising technologies were slowly gravitating and evolving into one large homogeneous melting pot of knowledge, skills, crafts and capabilities.

Convergence was meaningful to DDA from “Day One” because it had been our mission, and goal to be exceptional at all things digital and all things advertising. Probably best exemplified by the corporate name of Dynamic Digital Advertising. This naming having taken place in an era when most advertising agencies were named after personal names or municipalities. DDA used to say, we were digital before digital was cool and remember, Digital is our middle name. We even had a competitor rename their firm to All Digital because we annoyed them with our buzzword-infused persona.

While there has been over the years some slight drift towards Interactive Agencies, instead of traditional advertising agencies, and some movement toward more complete service offerings in general, advertising and creative service agencies still typically offer a very fragmented list of services. Some focus on website design and may branch out into flash animation or light ecommerce development. A group may do print design and dabble in website design as well. Photographers and Video production companies are likely to do little else and custom programmers and software developers most likely don’t even dream of offering graphic design or creative advertising service.

Despite the term and its general lack of implementation by our industry, DDA feels that convergence is not only more relevant than ever before, today it is a critically important and sorely needed concept. DDA is routinely building very customized websites that are built from the ground up as highly optimized search engine marketing platforms, that offer exceptional website design, corporate identity and branding, marketing consulting, keyword-enhanced and marketing-rich copy writing, integrated video, high resolution commercial digital photography, state-of-the-art website architecture development, e-commerce and other custom application programming functionality, intranet enabled portals, illustrations and/or 2D flash animations for product demonstrations, 3D CGI product prototyping, post-launch optimization search engine marketing, metrics for review and refinement, and of course hosting.

DDA was recently named as one of the Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Firms in the US by Goldline Research. This is a very prestigious, unsolicited award that we are extremely proud to have received. What was stunning about the award, aside from being chosen from among hundreds of thousands of other search engine marketing firms, was the fact that we were the only organization they contacted, researched and interviewed that offered the entire spectrum of digital advertising and marketing services.

While Goldline was surprised that a firm like DDA even existed, we (apparently) successfully made the case during the interview process that Search Engine Marketing needed to be a start-to-finish website development process that begins with research and competitive intelligence, continues with website architecture, navigation and design, and concludes with content development, search engine optimization, search marketing, metrics, hosting and continual refinement. Additionally, services such as usability analysis, integrated video and conversion refinement serve to translate the traffic generated for our clients into prospects, customers, and investors. Thus further improving their ROI and enhancing their bottom line.

All of the above mentioned services and technologies are performed in-house by full-time, degreed and experienced DDA staff. Many advertising and marketing services and technologies not mentioned are also on DDA’s menu.

When Goldline sent us the Top Ten Listing we discovered that they had described DDA in the announcement in the following way: DDA eclipses all other advertising agencies in the nation for the broadest range of advanced and comprehensive digital advertising technologies and services offered.

Their words not ours, and we believe them!

Dynamic Digital Advertising Builds Marketing Systems™

When the pieces are fused together, a full picture develops, and the most powerful marketing tool can emerge. We know your business will never achieve success by taking a piecemeal approach to advertising. That’s why, at DDA, we do not approach marketing and advertising as though we are just providing a service; we build Marketing Systems™.

DDA eclipses all other advertising agencies in the nation for the most amount of advanced and comprehensive digital advertising technologies offered. Through our staff of professional graphic designers, videographers, photographers, animators, programmers, web developers, search engine optimization technicians, and writers, we are able to meet any advertising or marketing need. At DDA, we take a holistic approach to advertising and marketing, focusing on the long view, so that the health of a business’ sales, the traffic of its website, and the impact of its ads, becomes our concern.

But it is not enough to just offer those services or to adopt that philosophy. Only through a combination of marketing efforts, an all encompassing approach to helping your business succeed, and the melding of human, social, and commercial activity, will you reap results. It is this combination that creates a Marketing System™.

DDA will consider the individual concerns, needs, and make-up of your business in the development of a Marketing System™, specifically crafted to help grow your company.

The Creation and Effect of a Marketing System™

DDA has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital advertising and marketing field since 1994, resulting in a long line of firsts credited exclusively to us. Each and every service we offer, and technology we premiere, can become part of cultivating a Marketing System™ for your business.

E-marketing, product launches, keyword research, 18-step organic search engine optimization marketing, strategic marketing, and Interactive Integration™, of all advertising technologies, are all a part of the larger picture and of achieving the end result.

With DDA, and the formulation of a Marketing System™, your business can establish a solid corporate identity, and increase conversion rates by turning more visitors to your website into patients, customers, or clients. Through lead generation, DDA can use the Internet to generate targeted traffic, launch new products, increase publicity, and prospects for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or direct-to-consumer (DTC) activities. And DDA can achieve this success on all fronts.

Marketing System™ Results Prove Successful

DDA researched, planned, designed, wrote, and developed www.prostatecancer.com in 2005. The site, however, didn’t just experience great traffic – 45,000 visitors a month. The traffic was predominately from the targeted groups of prostate cancer patients and their families. DDA achieved this by creating a Grid Navigation System (patent applied for), forums, discussion areas, a glossary of terms, and by preparing more than 600 pages of search engine optimized copy, resulting in more than 7,000 rankings on the first page of Google and similar results on MSN and Yahoo.

The website, www.not-2-late.com, was designed, developed, video enhanced, and search engine optimized by DDA Medical for the (ARHP) Association of Reproductive Health Professionals and Princeton University. In 2006, it received the Aesculapius Award – given to one website and one public service announcement (PSA) annually – from the Health Improvement Institute, a non-profit organization, partnered with Consumer Reports. With all of the services DDA provides, the viewer is actively involved, which aids in achieving the intended goal – generating targeted traffic, helping people find information, and increasing conversion rates. DDA Medical’s marketing system was so powerful that the website joined the ranks of the very few who have received the award including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Rodale Inc.

When Oncura approached DDA about highlighting a cutting-edge cancer treatment at the American Urological Association’s annual trade show, a radical new approach to large exhibit design began to take form. Through concept development, design, construction, installation, and supervision, DDA Medical created an exhibit that occupied three booths (3,500 square feet) that functioned cohesively to draw the attention of the passersby. Seventeen LCD and two plasma screens – playing a video created by DDA – 25 cryoneedles measuring 21 feet and topped with 5-foot iceballs, were used in the exhibit. More examples of DDA Marketing Systems™ can be seen in the Latest and Greatest area of DDA’s website.

DDA Uses the Most Powerful Tool Available to Market your Business

When a business is treated as a whole, when all aspects are considered, and an all-out marketing attack is launched, you will achieve a greater effect, a more customized approach, and stronger marketing results.

DDA is attempting to heal the fragmentation of the hyper-competitive advertising world, by working from the start to build a Marketing System™, which becomes a conglomeration of individual advertising efforts, resulting in a very powerful tool that can change the future of any company.

Dynamic Digital Advertising Recreates the DNA of Technology with Interactive Integration™

Human activity and energy has shifted to the virtual world – every product, service, and business, available at a person’s fingers, wherever and whenever they want. Since its beginning, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has systematically worked to create interactive, virtual advertising and marketing experiences that engage human activity, using technology to attract and retain human interest. As a result, DDA has recreated the DNA of technology.

Through DDA’s Interactive Integration™, information is disseminated in ways never used before; the combination of technologies joining together to form a new frontier in how products and services are marketed, advertised, explained, tracked, and explored. Multiple media and technologies combine to allow the viewer to see, hear, experience, comprehend, retain, and assimilate information in a way that’s most comfortable for them.

Your business has to thrive in a hyper-competitive advertising world that becomes more fragmented each year. You can no longer afford to look at technology in segments. Gone are the days of passive consumers and push advertising. DDA will help you use digital technology, encourage your customers and clients to do so as well, and, overall, grow your business.

DDA Medical Paves a Path to New Technology

Imagine an interactive platform that gives the user total control. They decide how to view the information, in what medium they want to see it, and how it’s organized and presented. This is the DDA SmartSite™ with Synchronized Media™ and it has the potential to revolutionize the world of web development.

Just one of many technologies developed by DDA through a fusing of our in-house capabilities, the DDA SmartSite™ breaks down the boundaries of traditional websites and puts the user in control. Coupled with DDA’s Synchronized Media™ technology – which is a flexible combination of synchronized video, animation, text, and images – the DDA SmartSite™ can be used for a wide range of purposes or applications. Training, continuing medical education (CME), product promotion, service explanation, direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing, and more, the experience becomes about the user, making the information easier to absorb and retain. They are engaged, interested, and compelled to learn.

The DDA Medical website is an example of this extreme technology. Users can click in and out of video, text, and sample modules, build a library of relevant samples and links to send to others, and explore every piece of information all from one page, exactly as they want to.

The DDA SmartSite™ is just one example of how DDA has used Interactive Integration™, the blending of multiple interactive technologies, to recreate the DNA of technology and advance the user experience.

Through Interactive Integration™, DDA can market your company, educate your clinicians, train your employees, and present a product, service, or company as a force, blurring the lines between individual messages, topics, and products to present the whole package. Relationships are cultivated between your organization and others as they come to know you through both interaction and an integrated experience.

DDA invented Interactive Integration™, to help you develop an educational or marketing system.

DDA Leads the Way in Information Sharing, Advertising, and Marketing in the 21st Century

We anticipated and helped pioneer the digital age and understand where it’s going. That’s why DDA has been passionate about building a business that is number one in the nation for the most amount of advanced and comprehensive digital advertising technologies offered under one roof. We have never followed the pack, and after more than 15 years of leading the way, we have a long list of innovations in advertising and digital marketing attributed specifically to DDA. Find out more at DDA Firsts.

In this world of ever-changing technology, your business or organization needs a clear, competitive advantage and DDA leads the way.

Philadelphia's professional web site design services are provided by Dynamic Digital Advertising who relies on a complex and exhaustive custom website development process of fourteen distinct steps. Each step is systematically and professionally executed by an experienced professional on DDA’s website design team. Search engine optimization technicians, market research specialists, graphic design artists, copywriters, videographers, and programmers are just a few of the many experts who engage in the custom website design process for the purpose of building a powerful tool that puts your website on the front search engine pages.

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As one of the top graphic design companies in the nation, Dynamic Digital Advertising has established a graphic design department capable of handing everything from aesthetic website design to virtual reality. Aesthetic custom website design is important for impressing an audience. DDA graphic designers will create an industry-specific design that sends the message of professionalism and competence. Virtual reality, available for websites, CD-ROM, or DVD, creates an interactive world that promotes your products or services.

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