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"DDA employees not only spend less on gas each week,
they combine to emit 750 fewer pounds of CO2 every week."


Our Green Advertising Agency and a Four-day Work Week

A four-day work week sounds great to anyone slaving away at a 9-to-5 job Monday through Friday — and it is. But it doesn’t mean we work less than anyone else. It just means that we’re doing our small part to stay green – Green DDA, that is.

You see, at Dynamic Digital Advertising, we’ve been using the compressed, four-day week since 1999, long before state governments, school districts, and other businesses even realized its long-term advantages, both economically and environmentally. At our “green” advertising agency, we work 40 hours each week, just like the majority of the American working public. It’s just that we put in four 10-hour days, instead of five 8-hour days.

The obvious advantage for the average employee is a three-day weekend, something we all appreciate here at DDA (although we do remain available to clients via email and voicemail on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). But this compressed schedule also allows us to not only be the top full-service advertising agency and website design company in the Philadelphia area, and one of the top nationally, but one of the greenest small businesses around.

Gas Mileage and Pollution

  Traditional 5-day Work Week

DDA’s 4-day Compressed Week

Gas Mileage 750 miles/day =
37.5 gallons gas/day
@ approx. $3.75/gallon =
$141/day on gas
$141 x 5 days =
$705/week on gas
750 miles/day =
37.5 gallons gas/day
@ approx. $3.75/gallon =
$141/day on gas
$141 x 4 days =
$564/week on gas
Pollution 37.5 gallons gas/day =
750 lbs. CO2/day
750 lbs. CO2/day =
3,750 lbs. of CO2
emitted each week
37.5 gallons gas/day =
750 lbs. CO2/day
750 lbs. CO2/day =
3,000 lbs. of CO2
emitted each week

A survey of DDA employees determined that we combine to travel approximately 750 miles each day to and from work. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average passenger vehicle in the United States goes about 20 miles per gallon of gas, and each gallon of gas emits roughly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air, contributing to haze, smog, and global warming.

That means that DDA employees not only spend less on gas each week, they combine to emit 750 fewer pounds of CO2 every week by making four round trips instead of five. That equals 39,000 pounds – or nearly 200 TONS of carbon dioxide – each year, and more than 1,500 tons of C02 in the nine years DDA has used a compressed work week. That may not be enough to bring down the average global temperature, but it’s DDA’s way of doing our part.

Heating, Cooling and Electricity
With energy costs rising, DDA sees significant savings on heating, cooling, and electric bills thanks to the fact that the office is dark three days out of every week. But aside from those savings, there is plenty of effort going into energy saving in our four-day work week. And in an age when everyone is turning out the lights, lowering the thermostat, and trying to save the planet – every little bit helps.



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