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Interactive Multimedia eLearning Environments

Learning is a result of passive and interactive teaching mechanisms. We’ve all acquired knowledge through lectures and reading material, but true material proficiency is a result of hands-on experience. When combined together, the result is highly informed individuals who posses the confidence to apply learned material to everyday situations. Now, thanks to today’s strides in interactive technologies, corporate and medical industries are redefining their training foundations with technology-based eLearning platforms that not only supply comprehensive information resources, but enhance worker competence through interactive learning and training environments. Let DDA Interactive™, the computer-based training specialists, revolutionize your eLearning approach with interactive training systems that teach more efficiently and foster a more capable and adept workforce.

The core of DDA Interactive’s™ training program philosophy rests in innovative multimedia technology. We understand that for trainees to be interested in educational material, they must be stimulated; and slide-based training software that regurgitates information in an unexciting, dull fashion, put simply, fails as an effective teaching device. But, with media-rich interactive training programs, viewers can’t help but be engaged with text, audio, narration, animations, video, and more, seamlessly intertwined for an experience that can only be described as unlike any other. Not only does DDA Interactive™ disseminate information in an exciting way, but we prompt user participation through interactive games, simulations, and quizzes that require students and trainees to recall and apply recently acquired knowledge.

Forms of Online Interactive eLearning, Training & Multimedia

  • Amplify Passive Training with Interactive Synchronous Media: If you were presented with the option of a training pamphlet or a multimedia eLearning tool, complete with training videos, animations, textual resources, and narrations, what would you choose? Research has uncovered that comprehension and retention levels increase when images and words combine; when sound correlates with text, and when multiple avenues of media are explored for lesson expression.  DDA Interactive™ builds interactive training courses and programs that follow this cardinal rule by fusing multiple forms of technology-based training technologies into a single, synchronous learning experience. As text appears on the screen, narration offers detailed explanations all while supporting imagery—be it photography, illustrations, animations, or video—reinforce topics with visual representations of the material at hand.
  • Put Knowledge to Use with Interactive Simulations & Games: Whether you are teaching a trainee on the use of machinery or detailing the steps of a medical procedure, one certainty is the need for real-world experience to perfect learned skills. This, however, requires risk. DDA Interactive’s™ simulation and gaming tools reduce this hazard with life-like virtual environments that are powered and controlled by the user. If an incorrect action is made, trainees will experience the simulated consequence and learn to refine their skills before actual workplace implementation.  
  • Assess Comprehension Levels with Interactive Tests: Oftentimes trainee’s think they’ve grasped a concept only to find out their knowledge is insufficient when faced with real-world situations. To affirm material proficiency, DDA Interactive™ integrates on-demand testing mechanisms that gauge competence. After a test, trainees can identify needed areas of improvement and return to a course to further their knowledge. Additionally, with comprehensive administrative capabilities, supervisors can monitor user progress and provide additional support where needed.
  • Promote Learning with Interactive Training Communities: Learning is not a singular task, but the result of collaboration between teacher and student. Why then do most eLearning systems shut off trainees from fellow learners and role models? Instead of facilitating communication, users are left to their own devices with only the courseware as an aid. At DDA Interactive™, we promote learning communities through interactive technologies that encourage discussion. Through forums, trainees can post questions and receive timely responses and through webcasts, employees can participate in conferences regardless of their location.

The goal of any training platform is not only to inform, but motivate through mechanisms that make the training experience enjoyable and highly effective. DDA Interactive™ is the media services provider that can make this desired outcome a reality. Contact DDA Interactive™ today.




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