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DDA Interactive™: Leading the Way in Interactive Game Design & Development

In today’s technologically-advanced environment, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out as unique and cutting-edge, but through interactive design and game development by DDA Interactive™, wow audiences with the latest interactive media and technologies. With promotional games posted to your company website or passed virally through the networks of social media, what message are you communicating with your audience? For one, that you are a capable and professional provider of goods and services; and second, that you care about addressing and entertaining your target market. When you integrate interactive online learning and training games into your eLearning platform, how do your employees perceive you? They acknowledge an organization committed to providing its staff with the best forms of technology-based training for optimal performance and safe working environments. Partner with DDA Interactive™-- the marketing and advertising agency where breakthrough technologies emerge—and succeed in improving your organization’s promotional and training approach with virtual reality games, avatar-based games, and more.

  • Interactive Learning Games: On- and off-the job training has a notorious reputation for boring audiences with monotonous training platforms. As a result, trainees often skim material and leave a program under informed and unprepared for everyday work challenges. Instead, contact DDA Interactive™, an expert learning game developer, and achieve a training environment that engages users for maximum material comprehension and memory retention.
  • Interactive Educational Games: Research has uncovered that passive mechanisms of instruction can only get a student so far. To truly understand a concept, students should see a concept in use and experiment with implementation. Interactive educational games are an excellent means of doing just this by calling upon the student’s comprehension of a subject while motivating through competition and game –based rewards.
  • Promotional Games: When it seems the entire world is an owner of a portable device, smart phone, and social network page, organizations are exploring new ways of marketing and advertising to reach these technologically-savvy users.  One such approach involves the design and development of interactive promotional games. By infusing subtle marketing messages and themes into web-based games, businesses succeed in entertaining the masses while raising brand awareness.
  • Interactive Avatar Games: A major draw to game use is the ability to build a character and customize their appearance, characteristics, and game-based interactions over time. DDA Interactive™ specializes in avatar game development for both training use and promotional gain.
  • Interactive Virtual Reality Games: Immersive virtual environments are not only eye-catching and on the cutting-edge of gaming technology, but also an excellent means of technology-based instruction and communication. Have training staff sharpen their skill-sets through virtual reality game training or have your target audience test products and services through simulated virtual reality gaming platforms.
Why Trust in DDA Interactive’s™ Services and Gaming Technology?

DDA Interactive™ is a full-service provider of interactive services and gaming technology. What this means for our clients is a one-stop resource for a broad range of services. From avatar development and gaming environment design and animation to game programming, hosting, and distribution, every request will be handled by our knowledgeable and capable staff. To learn more about our game development services, click on the links above or contact us today.

Virtual medical simulations represent the pinnacle of medical eLearning. Combining live-action video, voice-over narration, custom 3D environments, 3D models, 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality, gamified skills testing, certification, and more, virtual medical simulations represent the core of what DDA is all about: combining creative and technical disciplines to execute robust interactive multimedia platforms with beautiful aesthetics and engaging dynamics that make for richly rewarding and memorable experiences. DDA pioneered virtual medical simulation technology, and its exceptional work in the field earned it the first issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App in 2012, for the Philips Health XperGuide VMS. Contact DDA today to learn more about what virtual medical simulations can do for your organization.

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