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Interactive Video & Webcasting turns the Observer into the Participant

Advantages of Interactive Video Include:

  • Audiences can experience your brand in a non-commercialized environment.
  • Consumer research can be gathered by evaluating the actions and analytics of participants.
  • Users are engaged in your marketing and advertising message.
  • Users are empowered to co-create new ideas through choice, command, and response actions.

Through interactive video, users are able to partake in their viewing experience in a number of ways from rating and commenting on viral videos to inserting virtual elements into a real environment with augmented reality. Through live video webcasting and streaming media, users can view an on-screen spokesperson and listen to audio narration as all information is synched with a professionally developed PowerPoint presentation. During the webcast, users can ask questions or answer polls and surveys in real time. Interactive videos and webcasts require viewers to use three key senses – sight, hearing, and touch – which impacts comprehension and memory retention so they will be able to understand your brand, and remember your product or service long after the presentation has ended.

DDA Interactive™ is experienced in using the latest interactive technology and outfits our studios with only state-of-the-art video production equipment so that we are able to turn just about any concept into reality. Whether we shoot footage or record audio on location or from our studio, the final result will be high broadcast quality. And by applying our skill and knowledge of animation, ActionScript programming and custom interactive applications, we’re able to infuse your video or webcast with life, encouraging viewers to be engaged from start to finish.




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