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Beyond the Hype of Social Networking Websites

Somewhere between posting comments on message boards and fully integrated virtual worlds lies interactive social networking websites that are not only effective communication tools, but potentially invaluable marketing and advertising devices. With service-oriented designs, social networking websites are inherently interactive, but DDA Interactive™ pushes the creative and technical envelope with features that go so far beyond standard, they could and should be placed in a category all their own. By creating and building the best online social networking websites through proprietary website design and development services, DDA Interactive™ delivers a communicative and interactive web experience unlike any other. At our interactive marketing and advertising agency, the focus is on innovative and customized solutions to unique challenges and when others say it can’t be done, we welcome the opportunity.

Online Communities
Within the confines of online communities, users have the freedom to explore different areas in a personalized way and control their experience. Through reviews, blogs, and forums they can voice their opinion. By sending instant messages or posting comments, they can communicate to whomever, whenever they want. They can place their vote by rating photos, videos, and other media content. They can upload data that expresses themselves, download data that piques their interest, and share data with others. But how to you harness this power to enhance your businesses bottom-line? DDA Interactive™ works with you to establish your marketing objective, develop a plan where the features serve a strategic purpose, and implement the design and development of that plan for an online community where users are able to effectively interact with your brand.

Social Networking and eCommerce (or Social Commerce)
By definition, social networking is viral and eCommerce refers to the ability to purchase goods via electronic media. Just as we would recommend a product or service over a phone call with a friend after we have had a good buying experience, we can exchange such information online through the combination of social networking and eCommerce technology. Coined social commerce, this interactive web experience allows users to bid on items by way of a variety of auction features; share items of interest with friends, family, or colleagues; post recommendations, reviews, and comments; and even become involved in collaborative purchasing where groups of people add to the theoretical “biggie bank” and when a predetermined goal is reached the transaction is submitted.

In the design and development of social networking online communities and social commerce websites, the objective is not always about measuring sales or activity, but about looking at the overall brand engagement and buzz. Although not always obvious, ultimately that will translate into sales. When it comes to creating the best social networking websites and social commerce applications, contact the experts in interactive media at DDA Interactive™, an innovative marketing and advertising agency with the services to turn just about any concept into reality.




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