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Interactive Web Experiences

Generally speaking, there are two types of Internet users: those actively seeking specific information and those passively exploring what the World Wide Web has to offer. Many websites fail to appeal to either type by limiting their presentation to static imagery and template designs, or by providing a navigation system that forces users to hunt for the information they are looking for, delving further down the rabbit hole, never quite sure where they will end or how to return to where they started. DDA Interactive™ knows that today’s web users are technically savvy and demand more from their web experiences. That’s why our interactive marketing and advertising agency is centered on infusing rich media and interactive technology to create the best online user experience possible for your demographic profile.

What type of experience do you want to deliver? Below are just a few examples.

Fully Immersive Environments – Through simulation, animation, multimedia, and interactive technologies, DDA Interactive™ is able to transform a simple website into an experience one would have in real life. Whether you want to mimic an actual patient consultation or a sales transaction, our interactive and fully immersive web experience will provide a place where sight, sound, and touch is all within the user’s control.

Social Communities – A great way to go viral is with a social networking community designed and developed by DDA Interactive™. When you provide a place where like-minded individuals can come together and socialize online, the result is a growing consumer group of which you have the ability to evaluate preferences, buying decisions, shared interests or gripes, and so on to improve your marketing and advertising strategies on future promotional opportunities.

Interactive Videos – Rate or comment on video content, insert virtual elements into a real video environment, view 360-degree camera angles while a video is in motion, or simply play, pause, stop, or replay. All this and more is possible with interactive video websites from DDA Interactive™. Here, users are not only able to partake in, but they are able to customize and control their experience so that it is best suited to their unique viewing preferences.

Synched Presentations – When visuals are on point with audio and textual content, overall comprehension and long-term memory retention are shown to improve. From a webcast with an on-screen spokesperson synched to a PowerPoint presentation to a website with video, text, visual, and navigation modules playing in unison, DDA Interactive™ can develop the synchronous media that leaves users with a full picture of your product, service, or brand.

Animated Games – Make it fun for consumers to learn about your company through animated games that have strategic advertising purpose. DDA Interactive™ can build animated games that are conceptualized and customized to convey key marketing messages and that leave the user wanting to return again and again. Not only will the user score, but you will as well knowing that your game wasn’t just entertaining enough to compel the user to play, but engaging enough to promote interest and broad-based appeal.

Live Events – Connect to dispersed people based near and far in groups large and small with streaming rich media for live webcasts. Through our webcasting services, users unable to attend a live event are able to experience it as if they were there with the best seats in the house. They can interact by viewing a live recording synched to a PowerPoint presentation, posing questions to the moderator, and participating in live forums all online at the same time in one web experience.

PowerPoint presentations remain one of the principle communication aides in spoken presentations, commonly used in the office, in educational settings, and at conferences. A custom PowerPoint design can help establish a strong organizational identity and grant a sense of sophistication to the presentation that can help keep audiences engaged and help them remember the unique perspective you have to offer. DDA’s professional graphic designers have worked to establish corporate and medical organizational brand identities across a wide variety of media since its inception in 1994. These core principles are applied to its custom PowerPoint presentation design to help enhance any speaking engagement. DDA can also produce and integrate video into PowerPoint presentations to give a richer multimedia impact. Contact DDA today to find out how to increase the impact of your next speaking engagement with custom PowerPoint design and video production.

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