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Everyday hundreds of millions of people search the Internet via major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN for products, services, or information. For any given keyword or phrase, search engines return hundreds of results. However, most searchers do not investigate every website and instead limit their search to the first page results. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) can design and develop Internet-based business websites that rank high on major search engines, attract searchers, and convert visitors of your website into customers.

Since 1994, DDA’s Internet business strategies have helped clients in the greater Philadelphia area, as well as nationally and regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s services are not limited to the Internet. Rather, DDA is a comprehensive digital advertising and marketing agency that offers a broad spectrum of services from 3D animation, to video, to large format graphics, to print, and much more. With DDA, companies can advertise consistently, effectively, and professionally to improve growth and profitability.

What can Internet Business do for your company?
DDA’s Internet-based business websites promotes companies on the Internet with keyword-rich, user-friendly, highly-optimized websites. Your website is a constant representative of your company. For this reason, Dynamic Digital Advertising ensures that a strong and consistent corporate image is presented to potential customers on every webpage. DDA’s custom website designers and developers work as a team to build strong powerful online businesses that help generate more qualified leads and produce higher visitor conversion rates. Promote a strong corporate identity and market your products and services with an Internet business today for a more successful brick-and-mortar business tomorrow.

DDA’s Internet Business solutions include:

Custom Website Design and Professional Development
From their greater Philadelphia area location, Dynamic Digital Advertising has pioneered custom website design and development since 1994 for companies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware, as well as across the nation. DDA provides a broad range of Internet business strategies for corporate, multimedia, or custom e-commerce websites. DDA implements a holistic approach to streamline the process for the most highly-optimized, user-friendly websites available.

Professional Website Management, Measurement and Improvement
Dynamic Digital Advertising has developed a host of effective proprietary programs to measure the success of your website, offer improvement processes, and guarantee results. To determine what websites need to achieve higher rankings, DDA offers a Free Website Analysis for clients that have an existing website.

Search Engine Marketing
Dynamic Digital Advertising is able to better present Internet businesses to search engines with keyword research, content development and management, search engine optimization, and more. Unlike conventional website design and development companies, DDA implements search engine marketing pre-launch as well as post-launch.

Comprehensive Marketing and Branding
For on- and offline promotion, Dynamic Digital Advertising offers a complete line of marketing and branding solutions. From e-commerce, to e-marketing, to corporate identity building, to strategic planning, to pay-per-click management and new product launches, DDA provides an extensive array of tools that every company needs to be successful in the real world or online marketplace.

Why is an Internet Business So Important?
Today fewer listeners and viewers are receiving network commercial advertisements due to advances in technology such as satellite television and radio as well as recording devices such as TiVo®. People now have more control over their media experiences and can choose more easily what influences them on a daily basis. The web allows searchers and Internet businesses to share the control of information. People type in strategic keywords and phrases and then the search engines return results. Choose Dynamic Digital Advertising and turn searchers into visitors and then into your customers with an Internet business that works.

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool companies can possess. DDA’s optimized custom website design and development process allows companies regardless of size and industry in the greater Philadelphia area, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and across the nation to use the Internet to its full advantage.

DDA was one of the first all digital video and animation studios in the country, and it has honed its services over the years by developing some of the highest quality medical eLearning videos and animations in the industry. Medical videos are effective when nothing but a real world view will do. DDA has captured complex surgical procedures on location, as well as recording spokesperson and other eLearning videos in its own green screen equipped studios just outside of Philadelphia. DDA provides casting of any professional voice-over or on-screen talent required through its own Actors’ Network. DDA also produces 2D medical animations, useful when anatomical structures need to be simplified or color contrasted to be understood, and 3D medical animations, when internal anatomical structures must be understood within their broader context within the body. Learn more about DDA’s long history with medical eLearning videos and animations. Contact DDA today.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is proud to be a major custom website design company who provides many businesses based in and around Pennsylvania with search engine optimized website design. Ready with a professional website design and website development process comprising fourteen distinct steps geared specifically towards building a more powerful website, Dynamic Digital Advertising is dedicated to getting clients’ corporate websites on the front pages of major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN. Some of the tools that are implanted in the process are professional website hosting, search engine optimization copywriting, keyword research, custom web database programming, and natural search engine optimization.

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Additionally Pennsylvania’s top graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising offers one of the most expansive and diverse ranges of graphic design services in the nation. Providing radical trade show graphic design, large format graphic design, print design for brochures, business cards, sell sheets, catalogs, calendars, and others, 3D animation and illustration, virtual reality, aesthetic web graphic design, packaging, interactive CD-ROM/DVD, and many more, Dynamic Digital Advertising has the graphic design services that meet your promotion and advertising needs.

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