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Continuing Medical Education Accreditation - Overview

As a full-service CME provider, DDA Medical supplies testing and accreditation submittal services.  With an in-house team of degreed programmers, we set in place sophisticated and intuitive exams that can be submitted for immediate CME grading and certification. Furthermore, our experts specialize in customized solutions, so whatever the accreditation process may be, we’ll work closely with every client to satisfy strict requirements.

Continuing Medical Education Accreditation - In-depth

Custom eLearning continuing medical education (CME) course development involves not only the integration of medical training tools, but the implementation of CME accreditation and certification. From downloadable testing PDFs to interactive quizzes, DDA Medical can facilitate a number of course accreditation processes. As with every technology- and web-based training program we undertake, DDA Medical assures a streamlined user testing experience and a secure administrative database for credit issuance and grading validation.


Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) Accreditation Options

  • PDF Posting: DDA Medical can post course questions as a downloadable PDF. Users can then access the document, review the material, and take the time necessary to thoroughly formulate their answers. Test answers are then mailed to an ACCME-accredited provider for grading and credit issuance. Plus, as DDA Medical is far more than just a medical training programs provider, our talented staff of graphic artists can apply a design to your testing document for a branded, professional, and attractive presentation.
  • Online Testing Submittals: Looking to expedite continuing medical education accreditation? Then take advantage of DDA Medical’s interactive healthcare eLearning services. Instead of asking registered users to download and mail their answers to an accredited testing facility, our programmers can integrate interactive online tests. All entered answers are then stored in a secure database and transmitted to a chosen testing facility for grading.
  • On-Demand Testing & Certification: To enable the immediate distribution of continuing medical education credits, provide DDA Medical with the correct answers. We can then issue trainees on-demand CME certification. And for ACCME record-keeping, we store all submitted answers and grades in an organized database that is complete with extensive reporting functionalities. Course administrators will be able to view the amount of time a user spent reviewing a program, their progress, and test results with ease and efficiency.

Choose DDA Medical as your eLearning CME developer and open up the full spectrum of online CME program options. We are in the practice of providing customized CME education options to meet our clients’ varying needs. So, no matter the required accreditation process, you can have confidence that DDA Medical will arrive at an expertly programmed and reliable testing solution.

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