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The Big IDea™ for Search Engine Marketing - Overview

Long gone is the notion that all your medical office or organization needs to thrive online is an interactive extension of what is conveyed in literature, traditional advertising, and white papers. As the medical world continues to “digitize” itself by transferring old, paper-based systems to innovative, electronically efficient comparables, and by using the Internet as a valuable marketing device, medical websites have become more important than ever before.


In DDA Medical’s Big IDea™, the ID stands for Information Destination, and DDA Medical will help you build an Information Destination™ website that is search engine optimized through size, structure, content, linking, and more to earn hundreds, and even thousands, of first-page rankings on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Through the Big IDea™, your website can become the most highly optimized, most substantive, and most well presented website on the Internet for a given product, service, topic, or disease. Our long history of proprietary, integrated optimized website development creates medical information destination websites that are, at launch, powerful, self-sustaining online marketing tools capable of competing for top-position rankings and earning the most targeted traffic. Over time, they can be enhanced and optimized for sustained growth and even higher rankings, making your medical website a powerhouse in the online marketplace.

The Big IDea™ for Search Engine Marketing - In-depth

When it comes to search engine marketing, DDA Medical, an industry leading medical marketing agency, has a Big IDea™. The first two letters of idea (ID) stand for Information Destination™ and makes the approach to search engine optimization marketing simple. The Big IDea™ proposes that if you build an Information Destination™ for a given topic, issue, procedure, or any specific medical field that is bigger, more user-friendly, and more search engine optimized than competitor websites, you will ultimately develop the highest natural and organic search engine rankings and receive the most targeted visitors. Not only does this lead to targeted traffic, but also leads to visitors who are actively seeking the healthcare needs your organization or practice provides.


What is an Information Destination™?

DDA Medical’s Information Destination™ website are informational resources that are highly search engine optimized using specific keywords and terms that are specific to user search patterns. The Information Destination™ is a targeted and searcher-oriented medical website that provides the exact information a user seeks quickly and easily. These medical websites are structured for friendly user navigation to ensure users can find anything and everything they need within seconds. The end result is an information-rich site that users find to be the best source of medical information so that they not only stay on your site, but also refer their friends and visit the website again and again.


Information Destination™ websites by DDA Medical can be found in the top spots of major search engines for keyword search terms that are relevant to your practice or organization. DDA Medical has proudly built search engine optimized websites with hundreds, and even thousands, of organic first pages rankings on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other major search engines for valuable search terms.


How the Big IDea™ Can Serve You

More than ever before, patients are turning to the Internet to find information and resources regarding their medical health. With millions of Internet users searching every single day, you need an online presence that can help users looking for information find your medical practice or organization. But unless the user is able to quickly find the information they are looking for, they will click to another site in a matter of seconds. DDA Medical’s Information Destination™ websites are carefully planned and managed to ensure that users find the right information and stay engaged with your website longer.


With DDA Medical’s search engine optimization and medical marketing technologies, you can place your practice or organization on the front page of the major search engines. And with all marketing services under one roof including medical copywriting, video production, custom programming, and a whole lot more, DDA Medical can build unique and innovative solutions for developing a prominent online presence. Contact Us today to learn more about the full range of services we can provide.

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