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Clincial Trial Patient Recruitment - Overview

Patients in need of treatment often turn to the Internet in search of viable options that have the potential to improve their health or quality of life. They have questions on treatments currently in use and they want to know what’s ahead in the treatment of their condition. Answer patient questions, provide them with the information they are searching for, and promote your clinical trial for full patient recruitment with a website designed, developed, and search engine optimized by DDA Medical.


At DDA Medical we know how important it is to fill recruitment quotas to get your clinical trial off the ground and in process. We also know that while many patients seek out clinical trials to participate in advancing medicine, others are skeptical of the safety and efficacy of the treatments being explored. With a solid understanding of both clinical trial sponsor and patient concerns, and years of experience in helping medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies market their clinical trials effectively; DDA Medical is the best choice when it comes to patient recruitment. Through our search engine marketing strategies, your clinical trial will gain the exposure it needs to fill required quotas so that short- or long-term data is collected before you know it.

Clincial Trial Patient Recruitment - In-depth

Patients looking for modern advances in medical treatments and therapies often turn to the Internet to search for new options to improve their health. Many clinical trials struggle to fill patient recruitment quotas to get their program started. DDA Medical, a full service medical marketing agency and search engine optimization (SEO) expert, has the perfect solution for both. By building a highly search engine optimized and information clinical trial recruitment website, clinicians can fulfill their trial obligations while patients can receive information on the latest medical technologies.


DDA Medical provides comprehensive search engine marketing and custom website design and development services that create powerful online resources. Through proper search engine marketing, DDA Medical has the knowledge to lead targeted traffic to the patient recruitment and clinical trial destination. With DDA Medical’s Information Destination™ medical websites using well researched search term keywords relevant to your clinical trial and a wealth of easy to find information, patients will find your clinical trial recruitment site on the front pages of major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.


Search Engine Marketing Recruits Patients for Clinical Trials

With complete information and resources, patients searching modern medical technology will naturally find your clinical trial website, leading to an increase in successful patient recruitment for clinical trials. Once the patient finds your website, you can keep them engaged using DDA Medical’s complete range of medical marketing services, including custom programming, engaging medical copywriting, video and 2D or 3D animation, medical illustrations, and more. As the user spends more time learning about the credibility of your organization and the unique treatment you are offering, they will be more inclined to sign up for the clinical trial process.


Using DDA Medical’s proprietary search engine optimization marketing services, you can harness the power of search engines to target relevant information that patients are searching for online. The highly informative and interactive website will not only provide patients with reliable information regarding the specific treatment process you offer, but also provide easy to use forms and contact information to register and join the clinical trial. As your site continues to build targeted traffic, it will also continue to build your clinical trial recruitment needs.


With DDA Medical’s clinical trial recruitment services, your medical organization can put the Internet to work for you by drawing targeted traffic to your online destination and by providing patients with information and integrating simple ways for the patient to enroll in your clinical trial. With DDA Medical’s advanced search engine optimization and complete medical marketing services, the promotional possibilities to spread the word regarding your clinical trial are limitless. Contact Us today and see how we can fulfill clinical trial recruitment needs.

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