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Physician Information Destinations - Overview

DDA Medical leverages the inherent ability of the Internet to help users find what they are looking for in order to provide physicians with information destinations focused on the latest advances in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, as well as biotech and medical device products. Once users find these destinations through search engine queries, they will enter an online resource that helps physicians get answers, increase their clinical knowledge, and improve patient care.


Through advanced search engine optimization (SEO), DDA Medical can research, design, write, and build your website with the tools it needs to for high rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, as well as medical search engines customized for physicians. Our SEO web development process is holistic, starting with extensive keyword research and competitive intelligence through the creation of professional graphic design and inclusion of evidence-based, peer-reviewed information and medical writing produced in-house. We can even equip your physician information destination with streaming video, downloadable audio content, and blogs. With DDA Medical’s search engine marketing and web development strategies, after just one search and one visit, physicians will find your site to be a destination worth bookmarking and returning to again and again.

Information Destination™ Medical Websites - In-depth

More than ever before, patients are turning to the Internet to find information regarding their medical health and physicians and clinicians are searching the Web for the latest advances in medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, eLearning courseware, and more. As a healthcare provider, you need to capitalize on this trend with an online presence that draws organic traffic to your website and organization in order to stay competitive in the global marketplace. DDA Medical, an industry leader in medical marketing technology, designs and develops custom Information Destination™ websites that accomplish just that.


With advanced and propriety search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, DDA Medical can research, design, and build your website with the information and resources necessary for it to achieve high rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. An Information Destination™ medical website provides an organic approach to search engine marketing using relevant research and content, user-friendly navigation, and professional graphic design to ensure users not only find your website, but also stay there and bookmark it so they repeatedly come back for more information.


Information Destination™ Medical Websites for Physicians

Information Destination™ websites with strong search engine marketing will assist in bringing physicians to information regarding your latest medical devices, procedures, drugs, or supplies. The medical website can train and inform physicians on the proper use of the product, inform them why your product offers more than the competition, or just provide detailed information regarding proper medical procedures. With a well targeted and optimized site, you are assured that physicians clicking to your site are looking for products or services you offer. An Information Destination ™ not only puts you in the top ranks of major search engines, but also promises targeted traffic and growth.


Physicians and practices may also choose to develop an Information Destination™ based on their individual practice and medical services. These search engine optimization (SEO) information portals not only provide patients with information regarding the conditions your practice treats, but also promotes your facilities and physicians. The medical website can be search engine marketed for specific localities that draw patients close to your facilities or be optimized to compete in a nation-wide, or even global, field.


Through a large-sized website with high levels of search engine optimization marketing, DDA Medical Information Destination™ websites are designed to rank at the top of the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, for relevant and targeted keywords. Your Information Destination™ website will be one of the first results that a searcher sees, and they will enter the site and become engaged by custom design, unique medical illustrations, interactive elements, engaging content, and more. With DDA Medical’s complete range of medical marketing services, including search engine marketing, the possibilities are limitless.

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