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Search Engine Optimized Content Development - Overview

Everyone knows that when developing content for a medical website, the copy must be engaging, well-written, informative, and accurate. What many fail to realize, however, is the importance of search engine optimization. Without copy that is researched and structured to attract search engines like Google, a website will be buried among the competition and hidden from your target audience’s view. That is why DDA Medical houses a staff of degreed copywriters well-versed in the art and science of medical writing and search engine optimized content development.


Our thorough approach starts with extensive research to reveal user search patterns and relevant keywords. Once established, a website menu structure is developed and a content plan set in place to attract your core audience. DDA Medical’s professional copywriters then develop keyword rich content that is concise, clear, and well-organized to engage users all while attracting traffic to your site, device, drug, facility, product, or service. In addition, our in-house staff of medical copywriters excels at a broad range of writing styles and tones to address your audience in a style that is best suited to your facet of the medical industry.

Content Development for Search Engine Optimization - In-depth

When visiting a website, you know the content needs to be informative, engaging, and easy to read for users visiting the site. But no matter how great or reliable the content, it will do little for you without proper search engine optimization. The content also needs to be well researched and structured so that it appears on the front page of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. DDA Medical, a top search engine optimization (SEO) firm, has a staff of degreed copywriters experienced in medical writing to deliver well optimized content that focuses on user readability.


DDA Medical’s proprietary methods to search engine marketing start with research and user search patterns to determine specialized key terms that are important and relevant to your medical organization or practice. These search terms are then combined with well-written content to boost search engine results placement and push your website to the first page of search engines. The ultimate goal is to rank highly in search engines for the most relevant search terms while providing more information and resources than your competitors. Our staff of medical copywriters will help create custom search engine optimized content that is high in quality and has strong visibility in search engines.


Search Engine Marketing Puts You on the Front Pages of Major Search Engines

DDA Medical is an award-winning medical website design and search engine marketing firm that has successfully placed hundreds of clients in the first pages of the major search engines using thousands of relevant keywords. Our team of search engine marketing specialists and copywriters has proficiently created thousands of optimized pages to achieve these strong results.


DDA Medical also provides comprehensive content management solutions to assist in the creation of search engine optimization content while keeping within your organization’s budget. We undergo the same extensive research and search pattern analysis and provide your staff with a complete plan for writing optimized content. As your team develops the content, DDA Medical is available to critique pages, check for search engine optimization quality, rewrite as necessary, or assist in any way possible to ensure your content has the best optimization potential.


Developing strong search engine marketing websites and creating pages that convert clicks into patient referrals, clinical trial recruitment, or medical sales is what we do best. DDA Medical has proven marketing strategies to push your online presence to the top ranks of major search engines and develop content that fits the messages you want to convey. But most importantly, DDA Medical’s custom copywriting capabilities are designed to create a solid resource for patient information and help you compete in a competitive marketplace.


DDA Medical’s in-house staff of medical copywriters excels in a broad range of writing styles that perfectly suits your audience and industry. From detailed procedural information to promotional languages that sell medical devices, we do it all. And with a full-range of medical marketing technologies at our disposal, there is no one better suited to help market your organization or medical product than the professionals at DDA Medical.¬†Contact us¬†today to learn more about our complete range of services and medical copywriting.

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