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Pay Per Click Search Marketing - Overview

If handled correctly, pay per click search engine marketing is a strategy that can help generate traffic for many types of medical-related websites and continuing medical education (CME) tools. Whereas traditional search engine optimization (SEO) takes some time to generate organic search results through keyword-rich content and pre- and post-launch optimization tactics, pay per click search marketing directly links your website to certain keyword strings often searched by Internet users. At DDA Medical, we are experts in all kinds of search engine marketing, and will formulate a pay per click strategy that works for you.


In pay per click search marketing, a medical business or organization “purchases” a keyword phrase that is heavily searched and applicable to that particular product or service. When that keyword phrase is searched, a direct link to the sponsor’s website appears in the “sponsored links” area of the results page. The cost of the ads depends on whether the phrase is in high demand, and the business or organization pays a small fee for every click-through recorded on the link.


This allows for results that can be measured almost instantly, but only if the pay per click marketing campaign is planned and executed effectively. This includes proper keyword research to find the most effective, yet affordable, phrase or phrases for the need, and careful monitoring of the campaign. It may also include simultaneous SEO efforts, providing long-term organic search results to go with immediate pay per click traffic.

Pay Per Click Search Marketing - In-depth

Pay per click search engine marketing is an online advertising program in which advertisers pay search engines or high-traffic websites an agreed amount for each click on a link back to the advertiser’s website. Pay per click (PPC) programs return immediate results, making pay per click a viable marketing solution for driving instant traffic from the major search engines.


Whereas traditional search engine optimization (SEO) takes time to generate natural rankings and results in search engines, pay per click marketing instantly links your website to key terms that you “purchase”. Depending on the agreed upon price per click, your website will be featured in the search engine’s “sponsored links” area, instantly bringing your website to the front page search results. As an industry leader in search engine marketing, DDA Medical has the expertise to formulate a pay per click strategy that will not only drive traffic to your medical website but will also be cost efficient.


How does Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Work?

Pay per click designates specific keywords that website administrators may “purchase” on an agreed upon price. The price per click of each key term is dependent upon the popularity of each individual keyword, ranging anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars. Companies targeting each keyword bid on the keywords with an auction-like mechanism where the more you are willing to spend per click, the higher your results will be within the “sponsored links” area of the search engine results. The goal of the pay per click program is not to drive relevant traffic to your website, as the costs can be very high, but instead drive a limited amount of specific traffic that will produce high conversion rates.


DDA Medical’s team of copywriters have the know-how to develop ad campaigns that target specific users through search engine marketing programs. Using proper keyword research to find the most effective and affordable keywords or phrases possible, DDA Medical will build an expert planned bid management system that evaluates whether you achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) with result tracking and reporting.


As one of the top professional search engine optimization firms, DDA Medical understands that pay per click campaigns can rarely be maintained long-term due to the potential high costs. DDA Medical, in addition to building and carefully monitoring the ad campaign, may also provide search engine optimization tactics that provide long-term and organic search results. As the natural results for your medical website increase, DDA Medical will slowly decrease the amount of pay per click funding until eventually allowing the organic search engine marketing to be the prime source of your sites traffic.


With DDA Medical’s complete range of medical marketing services, including search engine optimization and pay per click management, you can successfully promote your online presence through organic search results and paid advertisements. The success of the medical website can then lead to patient acquisition, clinical trial recruitment, or patient referral services to bring patients and physicians from your online site to your local facilities.

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