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Patient Acquisition Websites - Overview

DDA Medical leverages the inherent ability of the Internet to help users find what they are looking for, in order to provide physicians with information destinations focused on the latest advances in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, as well as biotech and medical device products. Once users find these destinations through search engine queries, they will enter an online resource that helps physicians get answers, increase their clinical knowledge, and improve patient care.


Through advanced search engine optimization (SEO), DDA Medical can research, design, write, and build your website with the tools it needs to for high rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, as well as medical search engines customized for physicians. Our SEO web development process is holistic, starting with extensive keyword research and competitive intelligence through the creation of professional graphic design and inclusion of evidence-based, peer-reviewed information and medical writing produced in-house. We can even equip your physician information destination with streaming video, downloadable audio content, and blogs. With DDA Medical’s search engine marketing and web development strategies, after just one search and one visit, physicians will find your site to be a destination worth bookmarking and returning to again and again.

Cost-Effective Patient Acquisition Websites - In-depth

When it comes to patient acquisition, healthcare organizations and practices have spent tremendous effort in creating marketing campaigns that see little or no return on investment and fail to reach the intended audience. But through the inherent ability of search engine marketing to help patients find what they need online, DDA Medical can put the Internet to work for you. With a well-organized and highly informative patient acquisition website, you can create a single destination where patients can access reliable resources and create a marketing tool capable of presenting your practice or organization on the front page of Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.


Using advanced and proprietary search engine optimization marketing techniques, DDA Medical builds Information Destination™ medical websites that provide focused and credible information on practitioners, health issues, treatments, medical devices, drugs, and all medical-related information. Each website caters to a specific treatment, service, or product you provide to help push your online destination to the front page of major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN. When patients search using terms relevant to your practice of facility, they will enter an online resource that provides the precise information they need.


Convert Visitors to Patients with DDA Medical’s Marketing Services

Once your healthcare organization has established a significant web presence, DDA Medical’s search engine marketing services will continue to maintain and improve search engine rankings and pull significant numbers of targeted searchers to your website on a daily basis. With DDA Medical’s complete range of medical marketing technologies, you can engage visitors with custom graphic design, video production, medical illustrations, engaging copywriting, and more to promote your organization or practice. The reliable information you provide will add credibility to your organization and refer patients to the front door of your practice.


DDA Medical also offers complete programming services to add intelligence and functionality to your website. From “Find a Physician Near You” features to patient portals and personal health records (PHR) to custom forms and applications for scheduling appointments or contacting physicians online, DDA Medical can build the right tools to effectively convert visitors into patients. Best of all, DDA Medical’s online patient acquisition websites generate appointments for free by using search engine marketing to leverage your online presence.


As one of the Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S., as identified by independent research from Goldline Research, DDA Medical can effectively market your practice to localized areas near your location or to the global marketplace. As more visitors find and view your website through natural search engine optimization, so too will more people walk through the front door of your office to seek treatment. DDA Medical’s search engine marketing is a premium source for developing high conversion rates through patient acquisition websites. Contact us today to learn more about our search engine optimization services.

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