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Patient Information and Referral Services - Overview

With the Internet becoming such a large part of our everyday lives, the average person feels more empowered to seek medical information without the aid of a doctor or healthcare professional. This development now means that it is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to provide credible information, and find ways to ensure that the information leads to patient referrals and an overall growth in the practice, facility, or organization.


At DDA Medical, we have years of experience creating information destination websites and providing accurate, relevant information for the patients seeking it every day. We create medical websites that can easily become a potential patient’s primary resource for health-related information, using animations, illustrations, images, and content all created in-house by DDA Medical’s team of experienced professionals. And thanks to our expertise in search engine marketing (SEM), your new medical information website can rise to the top of the search results on the most popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.


DDA Medical’s online referral services go hand-in-hand with our patient information websites, allowing you to provide potential patients not only with information about a specific illness, ailment, or treatment, but also giving them location and contact information on your practice, doctors, or facilities. At DDA Medical, we understand just how important the Internet has become for all corners of the medical and healthcare industries. Put our expertise to work for you, and let us provide patient information websites and referral services that will create immediate results.

DDA Medical Patient Information and Referral Services - In-depth

As patients become increasingly Internet savvy, many are turning to the Internet to seek medical websites for healthcare information prior to scheduling an appointment with a physician. As a healthcare provider, this poses potential hazards to the success of your organization. First, it means that fewer patients are coming to you for resources and information and more are headed to healthcare professionals discovered online. And second, it means your patients could potentially find inaccurate information from unreliable sources. It is now more important than ever to build an online presence that provides credible medical information and leads to patient referrals and growth in your organization or practice.


DDA Medical, a full service medical marketing agency, provides comprehensive search engine marketing and website design and development services to build powerful online resources. DDA Medical builds Information Destination™ medical websites that are built using researched search term keywords relevant to your organization and user-friendly navigation and engaging content to keep visitors at your site. Plus, when you own a DDA Medical Information Destination™ website, you have full control over the accuracy and flow of information read by potential patients, adding credibility to your medical institution.


Search Engine Optimization Brings Patients to your Website

Through effective search engine optimization (SEO), your website can rise to first page results in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN for relevant keyword and phrase searches. Now that a user has found your website, you can keep them engaged using DDA Medical’s extensive experience in graphic design, content development, video production, medical illustrations, and custom programming to ensure the website successfully promotes your practice or organization. Once the user realizes that your Information Destination™ provides dependable and accurate resources, the website will routinely refer patients to your offices.


Targeting the relevant information that patients are searching for online with search engine optimization marketing will help to build your online presence and put your website to work for you. The highly informative website will not only provide patients with resources about a specific illness, ailment, or treatment, but also give them your contact information to reach your staff or physicians. As search engine optimization builds organic traffic to your website, so too does it build traffic to your facilities.


With DDA Medical’s online patient information and referral services, your medical practice or organization will grow to become a major factor in an extremely competitive field. With DDA Medical’s proprietary search engine marketing solutions and full range of in-house medical marketing services, there is no end to how large your online presence can grow. Contact Us today and create immediate results with our patient information websites and referral services.

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