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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Overview

When people are in need of medical information today, their first instinct in many cases is not to turn to a book or a physician, but rather to the Internet. Every day, healthcare professionals and patients alike utilize the web to discover medical data, services, and products, often by searching right from their smartphone or tablet. So how do you ensure your medical website ranks among the top pages of major search engines like Google with so much competition? The answer is through search engine optimization (SEO) and responsive website design provided by the experts at DDA Medical.


With well over 50 percent of all internet searches performed from mobile devices like smartphones, now is the time to ensure that your website looks great on all browsers, devices, and screen sizes. Google has begun penalizing website results from searches performed by a mobile device when no mobile website is available, and this demerit will only grow with time. It is critical that websites present their content in a way that their market demands. This means making it mobile. Developing a responsive website allows you to use one set of content that automatically adjusts its layout to present properly on all devices and screen sizes. A responsive website design is the key structure you need to ensure your website's success in communicating your message effectively to its online audience.


Our proprietary 17-step and award-winning SureThing™ SEO program builds on the strength of responsive website design and addresses and enhances website code, linking structures, and much more to ensure your site is read by search engines and found by your target audience. In fact, every ethical SEO tactic is employed.¬†Through extensive keyword research, ongoing optimization enhancements, and a comprehensive reporting system, DDA Medical uncovers popular search patterns and identifies areas of improvement for continuous growth in search engine rankings and standings. We back this claim with years of experience and an unequaled track record of excellence that has lead DDA to be named one of the top ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States by Goldline Research (an independent research firm).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - In-depth

Millions of users are searching the Internet for medical information and resources today. In order to compete in this powerful marketplace, you need to harness the marketing potential of Google, Bing, and Yahoo with search engine optimization (SEO). DDA Medical has been named one of the Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing firms in the U.S. by an independent research firm, Goldline Research. So when you work with us, you know you’re working with a powerful search engine marketing firm that will succeed in pushing your website to the front page of the major search engines.


DDA Medical’s search engine optimization program allows your medical practice or organization to reach a broader audience through natural search engine optimization efforts that target search engine promotion. DDA's SureThing search engine optimization program includes the development of Web 2.0 propertiesto enhance the authority of your website's core content on the broader web over time. Social media sharing features are also included throughout the website to facilitate sharing and maximize credibility on today's search engines. As an industry leader in search engine marketing, DDA Medical has designed and developed countless websites that earn top ten rankings for hundreds and thousands of key terms relevant to each organization.


Develop Natural Rankings with Search Engine Marketing

Users looking for information start by searching for specific keyword phrases. Many will even use the same or very similar search terms or phrases to find the medical information they are looking for. DDA Medical performs extensive research on search patterns to target and develop websites that appeal to these searchers for the purpose of ranking higher in search engines. Our team of SEO specialists determines which key phrases are most important and relevant to your healthcare organization to develop natural search engine traffic.


DDA Medical also has an in-house staff of degreed copywriters with the knowledge and skills to develop informative and technically savvy medical content that is reader friendly and heavily search engine optimized. Our copywriters merge the proper mix of researched search terms and information to create pages that will naturally rank well in the major search engines and help push your online presence to the front page.


Natural search engine optimization may be referred to as ethical, organic, or white hat, because it builds search engine rankings using relevant and customized websites without gimmicks or advertising. DDA Medical practices only ethical and natural search engine optimization. Not only does ethical marketing add to the credibility of your healthcare organization, but it also provides long-term success to continually grow and appeal to patients searching for information.

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