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DDA Medical does it better. From web to eLearning, video to 2D and 3D animation, print marketing to mobile and web apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, and beyond, DDA Medical has the right mix of creative and technical capabilities to bring complex digital and interactive multimedia projects to life. DDA Medical understands what it takes to make your message heard above the digital noise of daily life. Striking designs and immersive multimedia presentations combine with intuitive interactive features to elicit deep user engagement. The exceptional multimedia experiences DDA Medical produces make their mark.


Deep Roots in All Things Digital


DDA Medical's roots go deep. Founded in 1994, DDA has pioneered all things digital from its inception. DDA was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and one of the first digital video studios. Both 2D and 3D animation were among its earliest offerings. DDA was one of the first companies to provide bonafide, white-hat search engine optimization (SEO) services to aggressively market on the world wide web. Its proprietary SureThing™ search engine marketing program was first offered to clients in 1996, long before Google took the scene.


DDA Medical has played a pioneering role in the development of comprehensive virtual medical simulations (VMS) to train clinicians on new procedures, medical devices, and interventional suites. DDA Medical's video capabilities continue to expand, now including 360-degree video as well as aerial drone video. In fact, DDA Medical was one of the earliest adopters of drone video production, and one of the few digital media companies licensed to fly its own aerial drones for this purpose. DDA Medical continues to stay one step ahead of the crowd in all of its offerings, and its clients benefit with eye-catching multimedia that leverages the latest technologies to produce richly rewarding, enveloping experiences like no other.


Fast and Flexible with All In-House Production


DDA Medical is a one-stop digital/multimedia vendor that produces all its video, animation, eLearning, website, and interactive applications in house, using degreed professionals with long-term tenure. This vertical business structure allows DDA Medical to keep total control of the production process, from concept to completion. Inefficiencies introduced by relying upon third-party vendors are eliminated. Keeping everything in house also affords greater flexibility to accommodate any changes to project scope that may be favorable as discovered during the course of development.


Award-Winning Service


DDA Medical's insistence on in-house design and development is what allows the company to produce enticing hybrid interactive multimedia platforms that push the boundaries of the possible. DDA combines video and interactive programming with exceptional graphic designs and 2D and 3D animation to produce serious virtual reality applications such as the award-winning Philips XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation, which won the first ever issued Tabby Award for best iPad healthcare app of 2012. DDA Medical also earned a Tabby Award for best healthcare and pharmaceutical iPad app in 2014 for ETHOS Engage, a peer-to-peer synchronized deep learning and collaboration application for pharmaceutical advisory board meetings. DDA was named one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in 2008 by Goldline research, and has also taken two awards from healthcare related organizations for its unique multimedia website


DDA Medical offers its own web and database hosting, with ultra-secure, non-internet-facing database and HIPAA-compliant servers that meet stringent privacy requirements critical clinicians and patients alike. For demanding high definition video and interactive multimedia projects, DDA Medical offers hosting on a specialized Content Delivery Network (CDN) that optimizes video streaming through automated selection of the fastest locally available nodes among a vast, transnational network, thus maximizing playback performance for each end user at their specific location.


Agile Design and Development


DDA Medical serves its clients with an agile, streamlined process designed to maximize value for time and ensure fast deliveries and exceptional responsiveness to client communications that is rare in the industry. DDA Medical's clients understand what it's like to have a partner at their side, ready for whatever challenges, whenever they may come. This client-centric approach is what has inspired the loyalty of DDA Medical's clients year after year. Its outstanding service has been validated by its Dunn & Bradstreet Past Performance Evaluation, scoring 96 out of a possible 100 as determined through independent inquiries made on DDA Medical's performance to its clients. See our extensive list of client testimonials to understand just how good clients feel after working with DDA Medical.


Make your message heard. Meet your audience head-on with deeply engaging digital and interactive multimedia from DDA Medical. Contact DDA Medical today.


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